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Paige Cerulli

 Paige Cerulli
Paige works as a freelance copywriter and content writer. She often covers health, wellness and chronic-pain topics. A lifelong animal lover and equestrian, Paige particularly enjoys writing about pets and horses. You can find her at

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When temperatures drop, there are still plenty of ways you can continue to enjoy quality time with your furry friend.

Some advance research and planning will help your canine sidekick adjust to your extended absence.

Try these tips for desensitizing your dog to car travel so you can enjoy adventures requiring road trips
Your pup will be fur-ever grateful for following these tips to keep him healthy and comfortable.
Advance planning can help minimize stress for your dog during an upcoming boarding stay.

Here’s what you need to know to ensure you choose a safe and effective canine CBD product.

More than half of pet CBD products are inaccurately labeled, according to a recent study. What does this mean for your dog?

Learn how to recognize and prevent hot spots to help keep your dog healthy and comfy.

The more aware you are of what upsets your dog, the better you’ll be able to take steps to minimize his stress. CBD calming chews can help.
Paying close attention to the signals your dog is giving you can help you determine whether he's depressed and why.
Figuring out why your dog is barking excessively is the key to stopping this undesirable behavior.
The Fourth of July can be stressful for dogs, but a little advance planning will help your pup maintain his cool.
A little extra prep work will head off potential bumps in the road when traveling with pets.
Pre-planning and extra attention can help your dog transition to your new home with minimal stress.
A simple change in routine could maximize the absorbency and effectiveness of the CBD you give your dog. 
An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure when it comes to these tenacious pests.
Introducing supporting strategies for stress along with CBD oil supplements can improve quality of life for you both.
By managing your dog’s discomfort naturally, you may be able to avoid or minimize the need for prescription medications. 
Working out is more fun with your dog by your side. Here are just a few ways you can work out together.
Your vet may be hamstrung from even discussing the topic of CBD. Here's how to unearth the information you need.
While it's important to continue grooming as your pet ages, some adjustments can make it a more comfortable experience.
CBD products can help your dog physically feel his best as he’s settling into his new surroundings.
If your dog's first experience with CBD was a fail, don't fret. With a few tweaks you can improve results.
If your dog's skin issues have you scratching your head wondering what to do,  consider a CBD oil for dogs.
Here's how to reduce any mental malaise you may both be experiencing.  
Grooming is traumatic for some dogs, but CBD can help make the process less hair-raising for everyone involved.
The right CBD products and a few lifestyle changes can help both you and your dog get a better night's sleep.
Making some simple changes in your lifestyle can complement the benefits your dog enjoys from CBD products.
Tired of torn-up TP from Fido's frolicking in the powder room? Here's how to head him off...
What is the easiest way to give your dog CBD, and can you combine multiple CBD products?
The quality and label accuracy of the canine CBD you purchase is a major consideration.
Learn the benefits and drawbacks of the various methods for giving your dog CBD.
Here's how to counteract snow, ice and snowmelt chemicals that can irritate your dog’s paw pads.