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Why Didn’t CBD Work For My Dog?

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CBD offers many benefits to dogs, and chances are you even have some friends who have seen great results when giving their dogs CBD. If you’ve recently tried canine CBD but were disappointed with the results, don't write it off just yet!

There are many reasons why you might not see the results you want with CBD. From improper dosage to just needing to give it more time, these reasons can explain why CBD didn’t work and what you can do to improve the results.

Root Causes

CBD can support and promote your dog’s overall health, but it’s important to address the root cause of your dog’s symptoms. For instance, using Zebra CBD Canine Oil can help to relieve skin irritation that’s caused by allergies or flea and tick bites, but the product doesn’t address the root cause. If your dog has an allergy, then identifying and eliminating or minimizing the allergen will help to address the root cause of your dog’s discomfort. As a result, the oil will do a better job of keeping him comfy, since the allergic reaction should be reduced or avoided.

CBD products are an excellent way to support your dog through discomfort, allergies and more, but it’s also important to work with your vet to identify and treat the root cause.

Old Habits

Even though CBD may have positive effects on your dog, it can still take time before old habits fade away. For instance, if your dog has been stiff for months and knows that going down stairs makes him uncomfortable, even though CBD eases his discomfort, he might still be hesitant to go down stairs because he’s anticipating the discomfort.

This is also true for dogs that have been stressed by events like thunderstorms or fireworks. CBD can promote a calmer temperament, but some behaviors that have become habits — like barking during storms — may continue for some time. Your dog may need to be exposed to these events a few times while taking CBD before he learns that he can let those old habits go.

Dosage Problems

Because we’re still learning about how CBD works in dogs’ bodies, there isn’t one specific formula that you can use when determining the right dosage for your dog. When introducing CBD products,be prepared to make some adjustments until you find the sweet spot for your dog. It’s always best to start with the lowest recommended daily dose, and then gradually increase the amount you give your dog until you see the desired results.

Keep in mind that CBD gradually builds up in your dog’s system, so if you’re just starting to use canine CBD, you’re unlikely to see results right away. Consistency is key. Many products, like our CBD Canine Joint & Hip Chews, are designed to be fed daily for best results.

Even if you’re feeding your dog the correct or maximum dose of a product, you might not be giving him as much CBD as you think. Unless a product is regularly tested, the amount of CBD it contains can vary.Cornell University researchers analyzed CBD products and found that some of them contained almost no CBD. A2017 study of 84 CBD products found that 70% of those products didn’t meet their label claims.

That’s why all Zebra CBD products are third-party tested, and we provide a certificate of analysis online for each of our products as part of our label accuracy guarantee. We test every product batch to not only ensure that the product meets our CBD and THC content claims, but also verify that it’s free of heavy metals and unnatural pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Give CBD a Second Chance

If you’ve given your dog CBD without seeing the results you had hoped for, try refining the dosage, giving him the CBD over a longer period of time, and making sure the product is third-party tested. This adjustment, along with exploring other CBD products like CBD calming chews for dogs, CBD oil, and CBD Joint & Hip Chews, can lead to much better results the second time around. It's all about finding the right approach to support your pet's well-being and ensure their comfort.

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