Adam Biederman

Adam Biederman

As co-founder and lead writer of Copycat Copywriters, one of Adam’s primary areas of expertise is within the budding CBD and cannabis space. He has written for dozens of CBD and cannabis companies, producing a collection of white papers, press releases, blog posts, articles and ebooks about a wide array of industry-related subjects, including regulations, economics, farming practices and biochemistry.


Our cheat sheet guides you to the highest quality edibles on the CBD market.

While they share some characteristics, there are significant differences in the potential health benefits of hemp oil and CBD oil.

Cannabis plants can be bred to favor various traits. Understanding the different strains can help you identify the CBD product that meets your needs.
Weed and hemp are essentially the same plant, but with different ratios of THC to CBD.
The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp legal in the U.S., but its many uses pre-date therapeutic CBD products by centuries.
The hemp plant was used to make textiles, paper and other products for centuries before CBD was legalized.
While there is no universal recommendation, we tell you how to determine the best dosage for you.
Learning more about CBD’s safety can put your mind at ease and help you determine your dosing "sweet spot."
Don't know the difference between CBN vs. CBD? Get all your questions answered with this informative article.
One will make you high and the other will not. Know which is which?
Is there a better time to take your CBD? We offer some guidance based on your goals and preferences.
This guide will show you how to shop and look for quality CBD products that meet your wellness goals.
Top athletes are raving about CBD. But how much should you take, and is it competition-legal?
Just like lavender flowers or pine trees, cannabis plants have an assortment of terpenes that give them a unique aroma.
Need effective, natural relief from post-workout aches? Learn how a good CBD balm can do the trick.
A unique set of wellness benefits truly sets CBD apart from other skincare products.
The answer depends on multiple factors, including your weight and body chemistry.
With regulations varying by state, it's important to know what's in the CBD you buy.
Learn about CBD oil’s many uses and the best ways to integrate it into your own routine. 
The short answer is yes. But the way your CBD oil is made can increase its shelf life.
Digital CBD storefronts are sprouting up all over the internet, giving consumers the opportunity to learn more about CBD oil and the companies selling it.

The difference between hemp oil and CBD oil can be confusing. Let’s dive in...

We give you the lowdown on today's most popular CBD products and help you select premium products that target your needs.
CBD stands for cannabidiol, which comes from the same plant as marijuana but lacks its psychoactive properties.
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Pending a scientific consensus, the potential for CBD oil to naturally mitigate a wide variety of ailments seems promising.

The short answer is no — as long as you can trust your CBD oil company.

These poses, in addition to CBD, can help rejuvenate and relax your body in the face of life’s many stresses. 
Yoga incorporates various postures for mind-body awareness. But did you know that there are also different yoga styles?
Like CBD, meditation can regulate your body so you’re feeling calmer — and it’s a great counterpart to your yoga flow.
It can be tough to get good sleep with lower back pain. Read on to learn how to relieve lower back pain while sleeping.
Struggling to fall asleep? Catch up on our tips for a better night’s sleep.
It can be tough to get good sleep with neck pain, but sleep position, special pillows and CBD can help.
Yoga is a restorative practice that’ll have your mind and body resting easy.
These poses, plus condition-specific CBD, can work wonders for relieving your stiff, achy upper body.
Yoga can provide immense relief from lower back pain. If you haven't tried it, here's how to create a restorative routine.