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Zebra CBD Tablets Collection

Just like all of Zebra CBD products, our vegan CBD tablets are free of artificial flavors, colors and sugars. We use rigorous third-party testing to ensure that your CBD tablets are made with the highest-quality ingredients, including premium hemp oil. Zebra CBD tablets ease stress, promote a positive mood and induce relaxation. Order our premium hemp oil tablets today to begin your CBD wellness journey.

  • A CBD tablet, CBD pill or CBD capsule are consumed and metabolized differently.

    Zebra CBD premium hemp extract cbd tablets are made to be easily chewed or dissolved in the mouth which will allow our full spectrum CBD oil and natural ingredients to be absorbed and metabolized faster by your body than pills or capsules.  

    Our hemp tablets are crafted with the highest quality ingredients commonly known to positively impact a variety of health concerns. CBD tablets can help bolster mood, support sleep, or support joint and muscle discomfort that may cause chronic pain.

    Your personal dose of CBD in any form is as unique and individual as you. Dosages vary and are particular based on weight, age, sex and other factors. Our CBD tablets contain 25 mg of cannabidiol. We advise that you start with one CBD hemp extract tablet a day and then assess how it affects you before consuming additional CBD products.  

    Zebra CBD tablets are formulated with 25 mg of premium CBD hemp extract. 

    CBD will not show up on a drug test as a positive result, CBD products containing traces of THC might. Luckily, there are ways you can tell which category your favorite products (such as CBD oils or CBD topicals ) fall under. 

    Currently, there's no specific CBD drug screen test, so standard urine drug testing (as well as blood and follicle testing) does not reveal anything about a person being an active CBD user. Read our blog, ‘Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test’, for more information.