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Zebra CBD Products

Our team of biomedical engineers at Biomedical Research Laboratories (BRL) has formulated high-quality nutritional products with exceptional ingredients that together improve health, vitality and longevity. Our Zebra CBD brand aligns perfectly with that mission.

Thanks to advanced processing methods, including ethanol and CO2 extraction, it’s possible to extract the beneficial cannabinoid known as CBD and infuse it into products of all kinds.

We offer the most extensive line of CBD products online, including condition-specific formulas which include clear dosing instructions so that you get the right CBD intake for your personal needs.

Our premium CBD products are available in five collections: CBD Oils, CBD Topicals, CBD Tablets, CBD Edibles and CBD Beauty Products.

CBD oils are a popular category of CBD products online for customers who want to target whole-body wellness. Since CBD is lipophilic, meaning that it binds with fat instead of water, our premium hemp extract oil is combined with coconut MCT oil for maximum absorption.

Hemp-derived CBD oil's health benefits can include boosting mood and reducing inflammation in the body. These oils are placed beneath the tongue for quick absorption.

Our CBD tablets include CBD and additional ingredients to address a variety of health concerns, including everyday wellness, sleep, stress, blood pressure and muscle discomfort.
While tablets are a great way to incorporate natural CBD into your routine consistently, specially formulated CBD mints and other edibles can have a similar effect.

Our edibles, ranging from gummies to energy shots and mints, are popular and convenient ways to provide daily relief for a range of health issues, including difficulty sleeping, stress, moodiness, lethargy and joint and muscle aches.

CBD topicals provide natural, plant-based relief for sore muscles and joints.

Our CBD moisturizing cream helps soothe dry, itchy skin and promote a younger and healthier appearance.

Zebra CBD premium hemp extract CBD products can be purchased through our online store. All CBD products for sale in our store are third-party tested and use only the highest-quality CBD oil made from organically grown hemp.