How Often Should You Take CBD Oil?

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If you’re just starting to incorporate CBD oil into your daily routine, or even taking it as a wellness supplement, you may be wondering how often you should take CBD oil.

This guide will help you determine how much CBD oil to take, when to take it and tips and tricks to finding your perfect dose CBD for your CBD journey.

Variables to Consider

Is there a standard CBD dose that will support overall health and wellness? Not necessarily. How often you take CBD oil depends on your preferences and wellness goals.

...because the FDA doesn’t regulate the CBD industry, some CBD products may have inaccurate ingredient claims.

You can take CBD as needed to help you relax after a particularly stressful day at work, or daily like a vitamin dietary supplement. Some experts have theorized that taking CBD every day may help build up the cannabinoid compound’s efficacy over time. 

Think of a CBD oil product a bit like caffeine. Depending on various factors, caffeine affects people in different ways. Those factors include:
  • body weight – Intuitively, you probably know that a glass of cold brew coffee may affect a 6'2" person differently than a 5’2” person. The same rule may apply to CBD oil.
  • built-up CBD tolerance – You might know someone who drinks pot after pot of coffee all day and will barely feel a caffeine buzz. You might have another friend who rarely drinks caffeine and gets jittery from a cup of green tea. Similarly, consistent CBD consumption may build up a tolerance in your body.
  • method of CBD absorption – Sipping coffee throughout the morning may give you a consistent level of energy. Throwing back a shot of espresso, however, may give you a quick energy boost.  Likewise, CBD can be taken in a variety of ways, with different side effects.
  • individual body chemistry – Everyone’s individual body chemistry is unique. A CBD dose that might bring immediate pain relief to you may not affect another individual with a similar body type.

          That’s why finding your ideal CBD dose is a part of the CBD personal journey.

          How Much CBD Should You Take?

          When determining how much CBD oil you should take and how often, first things first: Read the CBD product label. Try starting with slightly less than the recommended dose. Then, wait and see. If you notice relief within a few hours, you may have found your perfect amount. If not, wait until the next day and start with a dose just a bit larger than the previous.

          Dosing CBD takes trial and error to find out what's best for your unique biochemistry. Once you've identified your ideal amount, you can either take CBD consistently throughout the day to enjoy continual benefits or as needed for specific situations like soothing stressful thoughts before bed or helping elevate your mood on a gloomy day.  

          Keep Track of Your Doses

          Understanding your ideal CBD oil intake is a bit like a (completely safe) science experiment. And every experiment requires accurate notes. But those notes don’t have to be extensive. They can be as simple as a few words about when you took the CBD, the amount and any effects. Did you feel a therapeutic effect or nothing at all?

          Here’s an example of a CBD diary entry:

          Date: June 16, 2020
          Time Taken: 7:30 p.m.
          Effect: About 90 minutes after taking CBD oil, I noticed that thoughts about my to-do list or things I had to work on tomorrow didn’t make me feel frantic or worried. It was a lot easier for me to fall asleep than it has ever been. I think this is the way to help me rest and relax before bed.

          As you build up a tolerance for CBD over time, you can gradually increase your CBD oil dose to meet your needs. Your desired level of pain relief or therapeutic effect can determine how much CBD oil is best.

          Most importantly, listen to your body. When it comes to learning how much CBD oil you should take, your body knows best. All you have to do is listen.

          When Should You Take CBD?

          When to take CBD can depend on the CBD effects you’re looking to experience.

          • in the morning – You can start your morning with a dropperful of CBD for everyday wellness or to boost your mood. 
          • throughout the day – When taken judiciously throughout the day, CBD can help you focus on tasks and stay on target for your goals. 
          • before bed – Lull your mind and body into a restful night’s sleep by taking a CBD gummy or tablet before bedtime. 
          • once in a while – If you come home from a hectic day of running errands, you may need a little help to unwind healthfully. Using CBD as needed can help put your mind at ease.

          Use Effective and Reliable CBD Products

          To ensure consistent results from a new CBD routine, you need to trust your CBD product. But because the FDA doesn’t regulate the CBD industry, some CBD products may have inaccurate ingredient claims. And if the ingredient amounts aren’t consistent, you’ll struggle to find the right CBD oil dose for your wellness goals.

          That’s why you should look for products with a Label Accuracy Guarantee™, which means that a product has undergone two rounds of third-party laboratory testing. The products are first tested at one laboratory to ensure the ingredients and amounts listed on the label are true to the product’s content. Then, thoseresults are double-checked by a second third-party laboratory, ensuring accurate results every time.

          The only place to find this extensive level of quality verification is at Zebra CBD.

          Trusted Health and Wellness Support From Zebra CBD

          Zebra CBD products have removed the guesswork from taking CBD with clear and easy-to-follow instructions for achieving the best results. Zebra CBD is America’s leader in CBD science and research, and we’re passionate about supporting your health and wellness goals. Each of our products comes with a Label Accuracy Guarantee™, so you can rest assured you’re always getting the most effective dose of CBD, no matter how often you take it.Learn more about CBD from your trusted CBD experts today at Zebra CBD!



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