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CBD Can Help Your Rescue Dog Feel at Home

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Bringing home a rescue dog can be a life-changing both you and your dog. But the initial transition period is often full of stress for rescue dogs. Not only is your dog experiencing a new environment and getting to know his new family, but he may have lived mostly in a cage at the rescue, so his new life might be confusing and stressful for himt. As you prepare to bring home your new furry family member, consider using CBD to help support him during and even after this acclimation period.

What to Expect From Your Rescue Dog

Understanding what your dog is going through can allow you to better help him. You may have  some common behaviorial issues with your rescue dog as he’s settling in and learning about his new home, including:

  • Stress – The process of moving to a new home and getting a new family all at once means big changes for your dog. Without the routine and environment that he’s used to, he’ll probably feel increased stress. That stress might result in digestive upset, excessive barking, destructive behaviors like chewing and other coping mechanisms. Some dogs may go to the bathroom indoors out of stress.
  • Fear – If your dog has been abused or neglected, he may be fearful of the new environment and the new people in his life. In some cases, that fear can lead to aggression as your dog tries to protect himself. Alternatively, a dog might worry that you’re going to leave him like his previous owners did, and this can lead to separation issues when you have to leave him.

During this transition period, you’ll need to be patient, even though your dog’s emotions may prompt some unwanted behaviors. You can also use CBD to support him during this time.

How CBD Can Help Your Rescue Dog

Your dog’s previous life experiences can have long-lasting effects on him, leading to stress and fear while also making it difficult for your dog to transition into your home. CBD can offer multiple types of support.

Calming Support

It’s difficult for your stressed dog to settle into a new home. CBD can have a calming effect on his nerves so he stays more relaxed, even in stressful situations like thunderstorms and during trips to the vet.

Mood Balancer

CBD can also serve as a mood balancer. By promoting relaxation, CBD may help to curb undesirable behaviors resulting from stress. CBD can also promote healthy brain activity for more balanced behavior.

Physical Comfort

If your dog is stiff, achy, and otherwise just not feeling great, this can add stress and another challenge to the transition period. CBD products can help to promote healthy joints and hips, skin health, and reduced inflammation to help your dog physically feel his best as he’s settling into his new home.

How to Choose the Right CBD Product For Your Rescue Dog

CBD products for dogs come in many forms, including oils, chews, and balms. Zebra CBD offers two CBD products that are particularly helpful for rescue dogs: Stress & Calming Chews and Canine Oil.

Zebra CBD Calming Chews contain 10 mg of broad-spectrum hemp oil extract. In addition, natural ingredients maximize the chews’ calming benefits. These chews contain no detectable THC, so they won’t get your dog high, but they do have a calming effect on his nerves and promote mood stability. These chews contain omega-3 fatty acids to support brain function and more balanced behavior. They’re beef-flavored to make them appealing to your dog, and with consistent use, you should see results in weeks.

Zebra CBD Canine Oil also promotes a calm disposition in your dog. It also contains broad-spectrum CBD fors whole-body wellness; enhances cognitive function and even helps to ease occasional joint stiffness for improved comfort and quality of life. This oil is easily orally administered with the included easy-measure, no-mess syringe.

If your dog is wary of people and you’re still working on gaining his trust, you may want to administer the oil transdermally by rubbing it directly onto the underside of his ear flap. This is less effective than giving the oil orally, but is a solution for dogs that aren’t comfortable with oral administration. Alternatively, you can put the oil in your dog’s food, but its effects will take longer to kick in.

Safe and effective for your dog, CBD can help to support your rescue dog during his transition into your home. CBD offers many benefits that your dog may enjoy even once he’s settled in, so you might choose to keep him on a CBD product long-term now that he’s found his forever home.

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