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Going Away? Here’s How to Help Your Dog Cope

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Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or getting ready for a family vacation, chances are you won’t always be able to bring your dog with you. Being left behind can be stressful and upsetting for some dogs, but there are also many ways you can help to prepare your dog for your time away so he’s happier — and safe, too. 

Start With Shorter Stays

If you’ve never left your dog during a trip before, then seeing how he reacts when you first go away for two weeks isn’t an ideal strategy. If you’re able to plan for your trip, then start by scheduling some shorter stays ahead of your longer vacation. 

Have conversations with each care provider to find out what your dog’s daily schedule would look like.

Try leaving your dog overnight, then gradually work up to a weekend away. These shorter trips help your dog become accustomed to the fact that you’ll always come back home. They’re also an ideal way to get your dog used to a new pet sitter or the staff and environment at a boarding facility. 

Determine the Best Care Option For Your Dog

The type of care that your dog receives while you’re gone will determine how relaxed he is and how well he copes. If your dog is highly social and used to being by your side almost constantly, then you’ll want to arrange care for him that ensures he receives plenty of attention and reassurance. 

Both boarding facilities and pet sitters can be good solutions, but you’ll need to make sure that the option you choose can provide the care and attention your dog needs. Have conversations with each care provider to find out what your dog’s daily schedule would look like. Ask questions about how often a caregiver will be with your dog, and how much attention your dog will receive. Be sure to ask specific questions about the care your dog will receive at night; find out if someone will be available to handle any emergencies, and get details about when the caregiver will feed your dog. 

It’s often best to find a care situation that sticks to your dog’s schedule as much as possible. Keeping meal and exercise times consistent gives your dog a sense of familiarity, even if his caregiver and environment may have changed. Some dogs may benefit from having a familiar family member or friend take care of them during your time away; other dogs might have no problem getting used to a new caretaker. You’ll need to carefully consider your dog’s personality when deciding which option is right for him. 

Support Your Dog With CBD

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You can also use CBD to minimize stress in your dog when you need to leave him at home. Zebra CBD Canine Stress & Calming Chews are safe and effective. They feature broad-spectrum hemp oil extract with potent natural ingredients. The chews help to increase the serotonin dopamine and norepinephrine available to your dog’s brain, encouraging a more serene state and calmer outlook. These chews support mood stability so your dog is better able to deal with stressful events, like the fact that you’re not home with him. 

For the best results, it’s important to feed these chews consistently and daily. If you know that you’ll be going on a trip in the future, be sure to start using the chews well ahead of time so they have time to work and you have time to find the dosage that’s just right for your dog. 

Leaving your dog at home when you take a trip doesn’t have to be a highly stressful experience for either of you. With a little preparation, you can help your dog deal with the change more easily. The more often you take trips without him, the easier it will become for both of you.

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