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3 Things to Look For in CBD Products For Your Dog

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When shopping for CBD products for dogs, you’ll have many options to choose from. But how do you tell which products are best for your dog, and which quality products to choose? Looking for the following three product qualities can help you to determine which products you can trust and feel good about giving to your dog. 

#1 Third-Party Testing

Third-party testing confirms that the amount of CBD and THC a product contains matches the amount shown on the label. CBD products are manufactured  in batches, each of which might contain varying amounts of CBD. Third-party testing of each batch ensures that you will be giving your dog the amount per serving (within the industry tolerated variance range of +/- 10%) of CBD specified on the label. 

Zebra CBD’s Label Accuracy Guarantee™ gives you that confidence by providing detailed information about what each product batch contains. We third-party test every single batch at independent, certified labs. These labs test each batch twice to ensure the product meets our CBD content claims. Our testing also ensures that our canine products contain no detectable THC, heavy metals, pesticides or microbials. Then we provide that information to you. You can look up your product’s hemp Certificate of Analysis online and see the test results for your batch. 

This added level of reassurance provides peace of mind that you’re giving your dog a product free of harmful ingredients that contains the appropriate level of CBD. 

#2 Details About the Hemp Source

It’s also important to be able to access information about where the CBD in a product came from. Manufacturers should be transparent about their hemp sources, but they aren’t all forthcoming with this information.

If a manufacturer uses hemp that was produced outside of the United States, they do not have to perform state or federal testing. This means that a manufacturer might not be adhering to the FDA’s manufacturing standards. 

At Zebra CBD, we work with experienced American hemp farmers who produce quality products. We also manufacture all of our products here in the United States, adhering to all testing and manufacturing requirements. 

#3 Detailed Dosage Information

Giving your dog CBD will be most effective when you’re giving him the right dose. The first step in being able to give your dog a consistent and accurate dose is choosing a product that’s third-party tested. But it’s also important that the product provides you with appropriate dosage information, and that it also clearly identifies the amount of CBD contained in each serving. With that information, you’ll be able to find the dose that works best for your dog more quickly. You’ll waste less product and your dog will start to see the effects of the CBD sooner. 

At Zebra CBD, all our products include dosage guidelines, and our edible products include  guidelines based on your dog’s weight. This allows a more tailored and accurate approach to giving CBD to your dog. 

When you’re choosing a CBD product for your dog, you’ll want to select a product that’s trustworthy and made from quality ingredients. The three factors identified above can help you to determine which products are manufactured with integrity and a focus on helping you get the best results possible for your dog.

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