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Reasons My Dog Won’t Stop Barking

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Barking is something you have to expect on occasion when you have a dog, but sometimes it can become excessive and disruptive. Dogs bark for many reasons, and understanding what’s causing this behavior can help you to address the issue. If your dog won’t stop barking, these five reasons might be to blame.

#1 He’s Sounding the Alarm

If your dog barks to sound the alarm, he’s letting you know about something he feels is a threat. You might notice he barks after someone rings the doorbell, knocks on the door or after a delivery driver leaves a package by your front door.

You can often train your dog to stop this type of barking, but some owners prefer to let their dogs continue alarm barking for the safety it provides the family.

#2 He’s Stressed

Your dog may also bark when he’s stressed. Separation from you or having company over might prompt barking, which can sound similar to the way your dog acts when he’s sounding an alarm.. Watch your dog carefully to determine when he’s actively protecting you versus when he’s barking because he’s stressed.

To address stress barking, determine what is making your dog uncomfortable, and then figure out how you can boost his confidence so he feels better about the situation.

#3 He’s Excited

Your dog might bark while playing, while on a walk, or when you come home from work. This excited barking generally has a higher tone than barking out of fear, and your dog’s body language will usually be animated, with his ears up, tail wagging and rear end up in the air.

If your dog is barking out of excitement while he plays, it’s probably best to just let him express himself. If he barks when you get home, you can redirect this by having him sit and wait quietly before you greet him.

#4 He Wants Something

Dogs often bark to get what they want. Your dog might bark because he wants your attention, he’s hungry, or he wants the toy that’s out of reach. Barking is your dog’s way of drawing attention to the issue. He’s hoping that you’ll fix the problem and give him what he wants.

#5 He’s Bored

Some dogs may start barking simply because they’re bored. This sometimes happens when dogs are left home alone all day, or if they’re put out on a run or in a kennel for long periods.

Introducing more exercise and attention can help to reduce or end boredom barking. If your dog is barking while you’re at work, then having a pet sitter stop by in the middle of the day might help to break up that time and keep your dog entertained.

Addressing Excessive Barking

While some barking is normal for any dog, things can start to get out of hand if barking becomes a habit. To understand how to best address the issue, start by trying to determine just why your dog is barking. If he’s barking because he’s stressed, then you’ll need to take different steps than you would if he barked out of excitement.

Training and working with your dog can help to reinforce when barking is appropriate and when it’s not. If you haven’t done so yet, training your dog to respond to the “quiet” cue is an important step in addressing excess barking. Consider taking some lessons with a local dog trainer to help with this process.

If stress is behind your dog’s barking, then CBD may help to get him feeling more relaxed. CBD Canine Stress & Calming Chews have a calming effect on your dog’s nerves and promote mood stability and more balanced behavior. When you feed the chews daily, your dog should seem more relaxed in weeks, and he may be less likely to bark when he’s feeling stressed.

If your dog won’t stop barking, there may be one or more reasons behind the behavior. Getting to the bottom of the issue can help you determine how to best handle it so you, your dog and your neighbors can all relax.

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