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Strategies to Help Your Dog Sleep

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If your dog is suffering from difficulty sleeping, then you’re probably losing sleep, too. Our blog article on how CBD products can help your dog sleep highlighted some of the ways they can position him for a calm, peaceful night. But there are many factors that contribute to your dog’s sleep quality. In fact, making some simple changes in your lifestyle can complement the benefits your dog enjoys from CBD products.

Establish a Schedule

Your dog will learn to adapt to your schedule and will pick up on your habits as cues that it’s time to go to bed. Try to get on a regular schedule, going to bed and waking up at the same time each day.

Part of your pre-bedtime schedule should include limiting your dog’s water about two hours before you head to bed. This habit is fine for most dogs without health issues, but double-check with your veterinarian. If your dog has a condition like heart disease, you should keep water available for him at all times.

Make a trip outside with your dog one of the last things that you do at night. This practice, combined with limited water intake for an hour or two beforehand, should help him to sleep through the night. (Senior dog may have weaker bladders and so may need to go out during the night.)

Increase Exercise

If your dog takes frequent naps during the day and gets only sporadic exercise, the lack of activity might contribute to his sleep difficulties. Increasing your dog’s exercise can help to tire him out so he sleeps better at night. Plan multiple outings per day. Experiment with the duration and intensity of your dog’s exercise sessions until you find the right combination that leaves him tuckered out and ready for bed.

Provide the Right Nutrition

Nutrition plays an important role in your dog’s health, and if you’re feeding a poor-quality food or not enough of that food, your dog might be hungry during the night. Good nutrition also contributes to skin and coat health, making your dog more comfortable.

Talk with your vet to verify that you’re feeding your dog a proper, balanced diet for his breed and activity level.

Establish a Calm Environment

Check on your dog’s sleeping environment at night. Is it conducive to a good night’s sleep? Bright lights, noises and lots of activity can keep your dog awake. Make sure that the room where your dog sleeps is quiet, and invest in room-darkening shades to keep out excess light.

Give Your Dog an Ideal Sleeping Spot

Your dog’s bed also plays a role in how well he sleeps. Look for a bed that’s appropriately sized for your dog, so he can stretch out if he prefers to. If your dog has joint stiffness, he may appreciate an orthopedic dog bed that helps to prevent pressure points, keeping him more comfortable during the night.

Use CBD Products

CBD products, including CBD calming chews for dogs, can support a calm, relaxed outlook that may help your dog fall asleep and stay asleep, especially if stress contributes to his difficulty sleeping. Zebra CBD Canine Stress & Calming Chews are specifically formulated to promote a calming effect and to help reduce the effects of normal environmental stress. If your dog is fussy and not likely to go for additions to his menu, our canine oil can also help with sleep and behavioral issues.

Our products do not contain detectable levels of THC, so your dog will enjoy these benefits without the psychoactive effects. (We do not recommend CBD for puppies and our products are for adult dogs only).

Consider Medical Conditions

If you rule out some of the common causes of poor sleep, like lack of enough exercise and busy home environments, your dog might have a medical condition that impacts his sleep quality. This is something you should definitely consider if the sleep issues are new.

In this case, a trip to the vet may be in order, and be sure to describe the sleep issues your dog is having in detail. Your vet may find an underlying health condition, or he or she may have some additional suggestions to help your dog get a full night’s sleep.

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