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Natural Remedies For Joint and Hip Discomfort in Dogs

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As your dog ages, there will probably come a time where he experiences joint and hip discomfort. And while your dog might initially experience mild stiffness and achiness, eventually he may start to slow down as the discomfort increases.

Luckily for you and your dog, you don’t have to watch him gradually become more and more uncomfortable. There are multiple ways you can help to ease joint and hip discomfort naturally.

Signs of Joint and Hip Discomfort in Dogs

Joint and hip discomfort might cause many different symptoms in your dog, depending on its severity, including:

  • lower energy levels.
  • less enthusiasm or willingness to run or play.
  • reluctance or difficulty when climbing stairs, getting into or out of the car or getting onto or off of the couch.
  • difficulty trying to stand up, especially when on a hard, slick floor.
  • increased joint licking.
  • altered stance or gait.
  • yelping or pulling away when sensitive areas are touched.

Seeing these issues in your dog can be upsetting, but it’s important to carefully monitor how your dog is acting so you can evaluate how well he’s doing.

Natural Remedies For Joint and Hip Discomfort in Dogs

If you suspect your dog is uncomfortable, always start with a trip to the vet. While hip and joint discomfort are common in dogs, your vet may perform a physical exam, x-rays and other diagnostics to arrive at a specific diagnosis and ensure there aren’t underlying issues that you need to address.

Your vet may recommend a prescription pain medication, like an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), but these drugs have downsides. NSAIDs can lead to stomach ulcers, kidney and liver toxicity and side effects like vomiting, decreased appetite and diarrhea. They need to be used cautiously, and your dog will need to be carefully monitored, so vets will usually prescribe them only when a dog is in serious discomfort.

A better option is to help manage your dog’s discomfort naturally, avoiding or minimizing the use of prescription medications. Following are some of the possible alternatives:

Exercise – Gentle, daily exercise can help to minimize joint and hip discomfort in dogs. Low-impact exercise like swimming or walking helps to keep the joints moving and flexible. This can minimize stiffness, help to relieve inflammation and maintain your dog’s muscle strength. 

Weight management – If your dog is overweight, the excess weight puts additional strain on his joints, which won’t help with his discomfort. Work with your vet to assess your dog’s diet and exercise needs (and capabilities). If your dog’s discomfort requires less intense exercise, you may need to adjust the amount that you’re feeding him to make up for the reduced calories he burns. Choosing healthier, low-calorie treats and feeding fewer of them can also help your dog to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Canine CBD products – CBD products provide natural support that can help to ease your dog’s discomfort. Zebra CBD products include an oil and chews, which are all ideal for dogs that have hip and joint discomfort.

  • Zebra CBD Canine Oil is made with a broad-spectrum hemp extract blend for maximum potency and efficacy. It’s ideal for promoting overall wellness, supporting cognitive function and easing occasional joint stiffness.
  • Zebra CBD Canine Joint & Hip Chews are 10 mg broad-spectrum soft chews made with premium extract and potent natural ingredients. These chews promote joint comfort, mobility and flexibility for a happier, comfier dog.

CBD products can be a great complement to the other changes that you make in your dog’s lifestyle. With careful management, you can ease your dog’s discomfort and help to keep him happy and healthy. While you should always keep your vet involved in your dog’s health management, making lifestyle changes at home and avoiding medications whenever possible can contribute to your dog’s overall wellness and longevity. 

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