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Can You Take CBD Gummies for Energy?

 Can You Take CBD Gummies for Energy?

The daily grind is a marathon, not a sprint. Between your work, family and personal life, maintaining momentum to see the race through can be challenging on your own.  

While millions of people resort to a sugary energy drink or caffeine to get a temporary boost, those aren’t healthy, long-term solutions — they’re temporary fixes. 

Fortunately, if you want to feel more like Tigger and less like Eeyore, taking a CBD gummy for energy or energy CBD gummies can put that exuberant bounce back in your step. Taking broad or full spectrum CBD for mood enhancement in general can also have the same effect. Join us as we explore how.

The ECS, CBD and Energy

How do CBD energy gummies have any impact on your body at all?

To answer that, we must briefly discuss the endocannabinoid system (ECS) before diving into general CBD education. 

Sometimes referred to as the body’s “universal regulator,” the ECS plays a critical role in supporting and maintaining homeostasis in the brain, endocrine and immune systems. It can also have a significant impact on various other physiological responses due to the abundance of cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body.

From memory and emotional processing to discomfort and digestion, practically every single critical bodily function is influenced, if not controlled, by the ECS. And that’s thanks to two primary components within the system:

  1. Endogenous cannabinoids – Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring, lipid-based, neurotransmitters that act as chemical messengers, sending signals between the body and nerve cells. 
  2. Cannabinoid receptors – Found primarily in the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS), endocannabinoids attach or bind to the receptors, which then send messages to the ECS to create a bodily response.  

Linking CBD and Energy

This brings us to CBD — one of more than 100 exogenous cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Like other endocannabinoids, CBD doesn’t directly bind to receptors. But it does stimulate them, which can influence the ECS and various physiological responses like energy levels. 

But how exactly does CBD’s interaction with the ECS impact your energy levels?  

In short, it supports energy homeostasis, which is how your body balances energy intake and expenditure, specifically regarding metabolism.

When CBD, such as CBD energy gummies, promote energy homeostasis, it impacts the regulation of appetitive behavior and energy metabolism.

Put simply, CBD can increase energy intake and decrease energy output. 

Doesn’t CBD Make You Sleepy? 

Before we continue, let’s dispel a common misconception about CBD — that it will make you tired. 

But isn’t one of the more popular reasons people incorporate CBD into their daily routine for sleep support? 

That’s true. CBD can calm the mind, relax the body and ease aching muscles, which helps you fall asleep and then stay asleep. But it doesn’t put you to sleep. Nor does it make you drowsy. It simply improves the conditions a person needs to enter a restful state.   

Three major factors that impact this conversation around CBD education:

  • Ingredients – The first variables to consider are the other supporting ingredients that can enhance CBD’s natural properties. A sleep-centric CBD product will have other sleep-inducing botanicals like valerian root, melatonin and chamomile, all of which can boost sleep quality. But CBD gummies for energy and focus would use a very different combination of holistic ingredients — those that invigorate rather than relax.  
  • Dosage – Although studies are still in their early stages, current research suggests that CBD has a biphasic effect, meaning that people may experience different effects depending on the size of the CBD dose. A literature review titled Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Sleep concluded that high doses may have a sedative effect whereas lower doses have a stimulating effect.
  • THC – One of the likely reasons for this misconception is that CBD is often erroneously conflated with its cousin marijuana. Although both come from the cannabis plant, CBD only contains trace levels (less than .03%) of THC, which is the psychoactive element that causes the stoned and sleepy feelings associated with marijuana. 

Although it may seem counterintuitive, a sleep-centric CBD could work as intended and still boost your energy levels. 

How so?

Sleep plays a vital role in supporting physical and mental health. Studies (and likely your personal experience) have demonstrated the link between a lack of sleep and a host of negative outcomes, including: 

  • Low motivation
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Poor mental clarity
  • Drowsiness 
  • Irritability   

For the vast majority of people, better sleep means more energy.You may even consider looking into otherclean remedies to promote sleep such as taking hemp gummies before bed , too.

Zebra CBD Gummies For Energy and Focus

Zebra CBD gummies for energy and focus were designed for everyone. 

It’s for the busy mom who has a million things on her to-do list and no time to waste; the employee who runs face-first into the afternoon wall; the tired college student who stayed up late studying and needs that extra morning boost to tackle the day ahead.  

In addition to premium, full-spectrum CBD oil, Zebra CBD gummies were precisely formulated with a host of other natural ingredients. By taking just a single dose of your favorite CBD treats for energy each day, you can expect the following potential benefits: 

  • Everyday wellness – Supports whole-body health so you can stay focused and active
  • Improved recovery – Stimulates recuperation and eases discomfort from an active lifestyle
  • Mood management – Calms the mind and reduces stress
  • Supports sleep – Fosters healthy sleep cycles

Unlike coffee, sodas and energy drinks with caffeine, you receive the energy and clarity you need without the drawbacks. There are no jitters, headaches or comedowns.  

Zebra CBD’s Label of Accuracy Guarantee

What gives Zebra CBD its stripes?

Quality and consistency is our promise. 

Every single CBD product we produce, whether that's CBD edibles or CBD topicals, is precisely formulated using premium CBD oils that are reviewed by two third-party laboratories that test for cannabinoids, THC content, microbials, pesticides and heavy metals. 

We don’t want to be like the 70% of CBD products that fail to meet their label claims. That’s why Zebra CBD is the only CBD company with a Label Accuracy Guarantee.

What you see on the label is what you get

Zebra CBD For Energy

Are you looking for that extra boost to help push you through the day? Do you want better mental clarity, focus? Say goodbye to coffee and ditch the Redbull energy drink.Those aren't sustainable solutions as vitamin c, b12 or b6supplements. 

But CBD can be. Adding a few drops of CBD oil for energy, eating a few CBD gummies, CBD edibles is all it takes to positively power your day forward — not just today, but tomorrow and the day after that. 

Every one of our products uses only the highest-quality ingredients. There are no contaminants and it’s made with natural ingredients grown right here in the USA.    

When it comes to premium organic hemp CBD products andCBD Isolate, trust Zebra CBD.


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