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How to Prevent Boredom (and Mischief) in Your Dog

 How to Prevent Boredom (and Mischief) in Your Dog

It’s all too easy for dogs to get bored, especially when they're alone for extended periods. Unfortunately, when dogs get bored, they often develop negative behaviors like barking, chewing and getting into other trouble around the house. If you suspect your dog is bored, you can make many changes to help keep him entertained and occupied. 

Increase Physical Activity

One of the best ways to keep your dog from getting bored is to increase his physical activity every day. Giving your dog more exercise has a twofold effect. By playing fetch, hiking with your dog or otherwise keeping him active, you’ll not only be entertaining your dog during that activity, but will also help him to get rid of the excess energy so he’s better able to relax later. 

There are plenty of ways to increase your dog’s athletic activity. Take longer walks, play with him more, take up a sport like agility, schedule playtime get-togethers with other dogs and more. Activities like obedience training can give your dog both a mental and physical workout. 

Instead of trying to fit extra exercise into one big session per day, space it out throughout several sessions whenever possible. This can make it easier to ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise even if you have a busy schedule. Plus, these multiple exercise sessions can help to break up your dog’s day.

Offer Puzzle Toys

When you can’t be available to engage with and play with your dog, puzzle toys can help to keep him occupied. You can give your dog some or all of his kibble in these puzzle toys, giving him something to focus on and making his meals last longer. 

While one puzzle toy can be plenty entertaining, to keep things challenging and engaging for your dog, consider getting a few puzzle toys so you can alternate them each day. Break Up Activities Throughout the Day

Long periods of inactivity tend to lead to boredom for dogs, so look for ways to break up your dog’s day with different activities. By scheduling your dog’s meals, playtime, exercise sessions and cuddle sessions with you at different times, your dog won’t ever have hours on end without something to do.

When you can’t be around, toys can help to keep your dog occupied. In addition to puzzle toys, chew toys and interactive toys can both be helpful; just make sure that they’re safe for your dog to play with unsupervised. 

Consider Doggy Daycare or a Pet Sitter

Your schedule might prevent you from being able to give your dog enough attention and activity during the day. If this is the case, then consider hiring a pet sitter or enrolling your dog in doggy daycare. 

A doggy daycare facility can give your dog plenty of entertainment and socialization while you’re not home. Dogs tend to play for hours in these settings, which can help your dog to get rid of excess energy so he’s more relaxed by the time he gets home. 

A pet sitter can also be an ideal solution, since they can give your dog one-on-one attention. Having a pet sitter stop by to exercise and play with your dog provides a valuable chance for him to get rid of some excess energy in a positive way when he’s been home alone. 

Set the Mood With CBD

When you're going to be away for extended periods, or if any separation from you makes your dog anxious or bored, consider our CBD Canine Oil or CBD Canine Stress & Calming Chews to help your dog maintain a balanced disposition. Boredom in dogs can lead to all sorts of problems, including destructive behavior and even stress. Making some changes in your dog’s life can help to prevent boredom and keep him happier and healthier. Try a combination of the above tips and see if you can find the right balance for your dog’s needs.

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