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How Long Does CBD Stay in a Dog’s System?

 How Long Does CBD Stay in a Dog’s System?

Dogs aren’t just your pets. They’re also your faithful jogging partner, television watching snuggle buddy and dinnertime observer. 

You want to repay their loyalty and companionship by providing them with the best possible life. This means keeping a close watch on their overall health and vitality by feeding them high-quality food, walking them regularly and sneaking them treats now and then.

What if you could give them chews that could help them thrive? Canine CBD products that remain in your dog’s system for approximately 24 hours might be just the thing. If you’re new to the world of dog CBD, this guide will answer how CBD interacts with your dog’s body and how long CBD stays in their system.

How Does CBD React With Your Dog’s Body?

A CBD product reacts with your dog’s body similar to how it reacts with a pet owner’s body.

Dogs and humans both have endocannabinoid systems that regulate many important bodily functions. CBD interacts directly with this system.

To help you understand how the endocannabinoid system works, let’s review some key terminology: 

  • Endocannabinoid system – A dog’s endocannabinoid system is similar to that of a pet owner’s. It controls many functions, including sleep, mood, appetite and memory.
  • Endocannabinoids – Endocannabinoids are molecules that are produced when the body needs to respond to a situation. For example, if your (or your dog’s) foot is uncomfortable, your body will send endocannabinoids to the receptors in your central nervous system to help with the discomfort.
  • Receptors – These receptors are found in both the central andthe peripheral nervous systems. The endocannabinoids bind to the receptors to elicit the desired reaction.
  • Enzymes – Enzymes are the clean-up crew. They break down endocannabinoid molecules once they’ve been used and clear them away.

CBD is a cannabinoid. When it’s consumed (by dogs or humans) it doesn’t bind with the receptors in your endocannabinoid system. Instead, it’s believed that CBD dosage prolongs the amount of time it takes your body to break down its natural cannabinoids. This means the effects can last longer.

Which Factors Impact How Long CBD Stays in a Dog’s System?

If you’ve ever watched the AKC dog show, you know that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. This makes it very tricky to say exactly how long CBD stays in a dog’s system. The amount of time CBD stays in your dog’s system is influenced by:

  • Weight – CBD extract is fat-soluble. This means heavier dogs with more fat cells may store CBD product in their bodies for longer than lighter pups.
  • Activity level – If your dog is very active, its body may process the CBD more quickly than that of a couch-lounging dog.
  • Food consumption – Feeding your dog a big meal around the same time you give him CBD will slow down the amount of time it takes his system to process the CBD. In contrast, hemp CBD will pass through an empty stomach more quickly.
  • Biochemical make-up – A dog with a faster metabolism will eliminate CBD dog from its system more rapidly than a dog with a sluggish metabolism.
  • Frequency of use – CBD builds up in the body, so if you give your dog CBD frequently, it’ll take longer to fully exit their system. If you only give your dog occasional CBD, then the CBD will exit their system faster.

In general, the current thinking is that CBD stays in a dog’s system for up to 24 hours. Further research is necessary to understand exactly how long it remains.

Is CBD Safe For Dogs?

The research on CBD for dogs is extremely limited. A 2019 study in Animals notes that studies have not shown any detrimental effects of CBD consumption for adult dogs. However,the study provides a few conditional statements, including:

  • The animals analyzed were healthy at the time of testing
  • Studies have yet to be conducted on the long-term effects
  • The number of breeds covered in the study was limited

You should talk with your veterinarian before introducing CBD products to your dog to ensure they will be safe. This is especially important if your dog takes medication, as you’ll need to check for any potential interactions.

How Long Does it Take For CBD to Take Effect on Dogs?

The length of time it takes for your dog to feel the effects of CBD depends on several factors, including method of consumption, body composition and amount used.

#1 Method of Consumption

The current CBD products on the market for dogs typically come in three forms: 

  • Chews
  • Balms
  • Oils

CBD chews must pass through your dog’s digestive system before they can take effect. The exact length of time depends on how much food is in your dog’s stomach. A full stomach takes longer to empty and, thus, slows the time it takes for the CBD from the chew to reach your dog’s bloodstream.

Balms take the longest amount of time to kick in because the CBD has to work through the skin. In contrast, Canine CBD oils that are placed under your dog’s tongue act the fastest because they go straight into the bloodstream. If you have trouble getting your dog to take CBD sublingually, you can also rub the oil into the soft inner part of their ears.

#2 Body Composition

The effect of body composition on how quickly the effects take place is similar to the impact it has on how quickly CBD leaves your dog’s system. The elements of body composition and biology that determine how quickly your dog will feel the effects of CBD include:

  • Metabolism – A dog with a fast metabolism will feel the effects of CBD more quickly. This is because anything consumed will pass through that dog’s digestive system rapidly, shortening the time they must wait for CBD to kick in. Metabolism is impacted by several factors, including:
    • Age
    • Activity level
    • Genetic composition
    • Overall health
  • Weight – A heavier dog will also have to wait longer for CBD to take effect since their extra fat cells cause them to store CBD for lengthier periods.

#3 Amount of CBD Used

Lastly, the amount of CBD used will also influence the speed at which your dog feels the effects. Higher amounts andmore potent products will work more quickly than products with low concentrations of CBD.

It’s important to follow the proper directions on the packaging for your dog’s specific needs. You should also speak with your vet before introducing new products into your dog’s routine.

How Long Do the Effects of CBD Last for Dogs?

Once you give them a chew or a few drops of oil, how long does CBD last for dogs? This is another question that we aren’t entirely sure of the answer to. Some think the effects are likely to last for up to 8 hours, depending on factors such as:

  • Your dog’s size and breed
  • The method of CBD consumption
  • How full your dog’s stomach is
  • How active your pup is

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