How Do the Ingredients in Zebra CBD Sleep Support Tablets Promote Restful Sleep?

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zebra cbd sleep tablets in hemp garden

By Melissa Mitri, MS, RD

Zebra CBD Sleep Support Tablets include organically grown hemp extract that can help support restful sleep. This advanced formula targets three specific areas to promote rest: relaxing the mind and body; stimulating sleep; and reducing stress and tension that can negatively impact sleep. Lack of sleep and poor quality sleep are very common in our modern society, which can lead to a multitude of health consequences. Stress and anxiety are two major factors in sleep health.

Hemp Extract

Each of our chewable sleep CBD tablets contains 25mg of CBD, which may help support healthy sleep cycles. 

CBD can help create a feeling of calmness and focus when handling everyday stressors. Stress can make it more difficult to both fall asleep and stay asleep, as it keeps your mind awake and alert.  


L-theanine is an amino acid found primarily in plants. Some research indicates it may help to induce a state of relaxation without causing drowsiness. 

L-theanine is naturally present in green tea, can promote feelings of calm and decreased alertness and support a healthy sleep routine.  It may also help to improve sleep quality.

Valerian Extract

Valerian is a perennial flower native to Europe and Asia. It has long been used as a sleep remedy to improve sleep quality, and as a self-prescribed treatment for insomnia. The extract of valerian root has been used to treat sleep-related disorders around the world. Valerian contains antioxidants that appear to have sedative and sleep-enhancing properties.

Valerenic acid, a compound present in valerian root, has been found to inhibit the breakdown of a neurotransmitter called GABA in the brain, which can result in an increased sense of calm and tranquility.

Chamomile Extract

Chamomile is a well-known natural sleep remedy. This herb contains antioxidants that may reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. It is most widely known for its use as a relaxing tea. However, taking chamomile in its more concentrated form in an extract may be even more effective. A 2017 study found that taking 400mg of chamomile extract daily improved sleep.


Melatonin is a naturally occurring human hormone. It works to support circadian rhythms — the internal clock that tells us when it’s time to sleep and wake up. Sometimes the body does not produce sufficient melatonin — which helps to explain why it is one of the most common natural remedies used to treat sleep problems. Melatonin supplementation may improve the onset, duration, and quality of sleep. In one study, healthy volunteers who received a single dose of 0.3mg and 1.0mg of melatonin orally had significantly improved sleep efficiency.

If you’re having trouble sleeping and have tried other supplements without success, Zebra CBD Sleep Support Tablets could be your ticket to a full and restful night’s sleep.