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What do CBD Drinks Do? Your Guide

 What do CBD Drinks Do? Your Guide

The CBD marketplace is burgeoning with new products and types of CBDs each day, like tasty CBD-infused cookies and gummies that offer a burst of fruity bliss. There are also a variety of skincare CBD products, CBD topicals, hemp pills and bath bombs that promise a soothing escape from the daily grind. 

Amidst this CBD extravaganza, one product stands out as the epitome of convenience: CBD-infused drinks. These refreshing beverages are the champions of on-the-go relaxation. Infused with CBD oil, they offer a refreshing twist to your ordinary drink routine while potentially providing the same benefits as their CBD counterparts.

CBD-infused drinks [are] ... designed to deliver the potential benefits of CBD in a convenient and enjoyable form.

Whether you prefer the calming notes of a CBD-infused tea, the invigorating kick of a CBD-infused coffee, or the revitalizing energy of a CBD-infused energy drink, these beverages deliver a daily dose of CBD goodness with every sip — and delightful benefits, too.

What are CBD Drinks?

CBD drinks are crafted with CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant. Legally, CBD can contain no more than 0.3% of THC, meaning a sip of a CBD concoction won’t make you feel woozy or alter your state of mind. The CBD oil is mixed with water or another beverage to create something drinkable and delicious. 

CBD-infused drinks come in a variety of flavors and temperatures, too. Ultimately, though, they’re designed to deliver the potential benefits of CBD in a convenient and enjoyable form. To determine which type of CBD-infused drink is right for you, consider the many different options available and what each brings to the table: 

  • CBD water – The most recent CBD-infused drink to hit the stands, CBD water contains small particles of CBD and, oftentimes, minerals or electrolytes.
  • CBD tea – Black, green and herbal teas are infused with CBD and can be consumed hot or cold. 
  • CBD coffee – Coffee beans or grounds infused with CBD are popular in coffee shops across the country. They combine the stimulating effects of caffeine with the potentially mind-clarifying properties of CBD to jumpstart your day. 
  • CBD energy drinks – CBD-infused energy drinks can provide a boost of energy and may avoid the over-stimulating effects of highly sugared and caffeinated products.
  • CBD smoothies – CBD-infused smoothies combine a daily dose of nutrition with the potential benefits of CBD for a light snack that’s just as healthy as it is delicious. 
  • CBD juices – CBD extract can pair with a variety of fruit and vegetable juices, including oranges, berries, carrots and cucumbers, for a drink that’s packed with nutrients, minerals and antioxidants.
  • CBD soda – A fun rendition of a traditional favorite, CBD sodas are bubbly, refreshing and potentially beneficial. You can find CBD sodas in a variety of flavors, from sweet citrus to classic cola. 
  • CBD sparkling water – For a light and refreshing beverage, opt for effervescent CBD-infused sparkling water. In addition to CBD, these drinks are also often infused with natural fruit essences or botanical extracts. 
  • CBD mocktails – Pairing CBD with alcohol is not recommended, but a CBD mocktail is a safe and tasty alternative. These mocktails combine CBD oil, juices and mixes to create flavorful concoctions you can sip alongside friends and family. 

Note: Because CBD drinks must pass through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream, it may take a while to feel the desired microdosing cbd benefits. 

How Does CBD Work Within the Body?

As stated, CBD must work its way through the digestive system before it’s absorbed into the bloodstream. Oral CBD products are not highly bioavailable, meaning a large amount of CBD will not be delivered throughout the body. That said, because the CBD particles in CBD drinks are so small, this may actually increase the absorption rate to deliver a higher concentration of CBD.

Once the CBD does enter your bloodstream, it moves throughout the body and interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Naturally, the body produces compounds called endocannabinoids, which are very similar to the composition of the cannabinoids found in pure CBD.

Accordingly, CBD cannabinoids can easily mimic endocannabinoids to perform the same functions. When they interact with these receptors, which are mainly found in the central nervous system and peripheral immune system, they can help influence various body processes related to:

  • Sleep
  • Metabolism
  • Physical sensation
  • Mood
  • Cognition
  • Fertility
  • Reproduction

Potential Benefits of CBD Drinks

So, what do CBD drinks do for you exactly? Sure, they provide a refreshing addition to any day, but they may also support your overall health and well-being. Let's delve into the potential perks of CBD drinks.

#1 Relaxation and Stress Relief

What does a CBD drink do? Mainly, CBD is known for its potential calming properties, which may help promote relaxation and reduce stress. CBD drinks provide a soothing and refreshing way to unwind after a long day, potentially helping to create a sense of calmness and tranquility.

Alternatively, a CBD-infused water or tea at the beginning of your day may help regulate your nerves before you head to work. 

You can also create soothing CBD drinks from the comfort of your own home. Simply light a few candles, boil some water and pair your favorite tea bag with a few drops of CBD oil.

#2 Enhanced Focus and Mental Clarity

CBD oil may also have a positive impact on cognitive function, including focus and mental clarity. By incorporating CBD drinks into your day, you can potentially experience improved concentration and mental alertness, helping you stay focused and productive.

Grab a CBD-infused energy drink during your lunch break, or start your day with an energizing cup of CBD coffee.

#3 Sleep Support

Many individuals struggle with sleep-related issues related to poor sleep quality. This can often arise as a result of:

  • Irregular bedtime schedules
  • Stimulating activities before bed
  • Uncomfortable sleep environments
  • Using screens before bed
  • Feelings of stress 
  • Too much caffeine
  • Working from bed

Fortunately, CBD drinks can be a valuable addition to a nighttime routine, as pure CBD may promote a sense of relaxation and help regulate sleep patterns, due to its close relationship with the endocannabinoid system. While enjoying a CBD-infused beverage before bedtime may potentially support a better night's sleep, you’ll want to steer clear of CBD coffee or energy drinks. 

#4 Relief From Soreness or Discomfort

After a long day hunched over your desk or a grueling workout, your muscles and joints can feel sore, achy and stiff. The good news? CBD is known for its potential anti-inflammatory properties, which may help alleviate discomfort and reduce inflammation in the body. 

#5 Mood Enhancement

CBD drinks may also have mood-regulating properties, potentially helping to alleviate symptoms of sadness, nervousness or unease. If you’re feeling down, find a pick-me-up in a nutrient-dense CBD drink, such as a:

  • Tea
  • Smoothie
  • Juice

A drink that’s packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber can nourish your brain and help improve the health of your gastrointestinal tract, which can improve serotonin levels. That said, if you’re feeling down, avoid CBD drinks with high levels of refined sugars, as these drinks can be harmful to the brain. 

#6 Post-Workout Recovery

CBD drinks can be particularly beneficial for individuals who engage in strenuous physical activities, like workouts, that can deplete energy levels and leave the body feeling sore. This is because CBD is believed to have potential anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce exercise-induced inflammation and promote a faster recovery. 

Post-workout, consider indulging in a CBD-infused smoothie, energy drink or sparkling water to support your body’s healing process — and deliver much-needed hydration. 

#7 Hydration

Drinking enough water every day is crucial to your overall health. Water intake helps regulate your body temperature, lubricate your joints, deliver nutrients to the body and support the function of vital organs. 

Fortunately, hydrating CBD-infused water or sparkling water rich in electrolytes can deliver the hydration your body needs to perform optimally throughout the day. You can also consider CBD-infused teas or juices. 

Although, teas high in caffeine — such as black, green and herbal diuretic teas — can facilitate water loss and, subsequently, dehydration. Drinks with high amounts of sugar may also have diuretic effects and increase your risk of dehydration, so be wary of certain energy drinks and sodas. 

#8 Convenience and Portability

Outside of benefits directly related to the body, CBD drinks offer a convenient option for those who prefer a ready-to-consume CBD product with a set dosage. They can be easily carried with you wherever you go, allowing you to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD no matter where life takes you.

#9 Customization and Variety

CBD drinks come in a wide range of flavors and formulations, catering to diverse preferences. Whether you prefer fruity, herbal or earthy flavors, there’s likely a CBD-infused beverage that suits your taste. 

This variety allows you to explore different options and find the CBD drink that best aligns with your preferences.

It's important to note that the effects of CBD drinks can vary from person to person, depending on:

  • Body chemistry
  • CBD dosage
  • CBD potency
  • Product quality

To ensure you’re buying a high-quality product, check the company’s online presence for a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which certifies the product’s ingredients, potency and purity levels. If you do experience adverse side effects, consider reducing your dosage or speaking with your healthcare provider about how you can safely incorporate CBD drinks into your daily life. 

Sip and Soothe With Zebra CBD

CBD-infused drinks can deliver the same benefits as other CBD products on the market, helping to support mental, physical and emotional health. For DIY CBD self care, Zebra CBD provides premium CBD oils that you can easily add to any drink you have on hand, whether it’s a bubbly soda or a soothing cup of tea. 

No matter what drink you choose, your customization opportunities are endless with Zebra CBD.


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