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True or False: Does CBD Make You Look Younger?

 True or False: Does CBD Make You Look Younger?

Does CBD make you look younger? No. No substance in the world is guaranteed to reverse the aging process. That’s the territory of photo editing. 

Instead, the better question to ask is, “Can CBD make you look younger?” Although, that question has a much longer answer.

CBD products like CBD oil and CBD cream offer a myriad of potential anti-aging health benefits that could leave your skin looking smoother, softer and even youthful. These benefits include potent antioxidant properties that may reduce oxidative stress and free radicals. Whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin or a combination, CBD can offer many benefits.

Combined with other natural ingredients...your topical CBD moisturizer could work synergistically to promote anti-aging effects.

Ultimately, it all boils down to the products you’re using, your routine and the other variables in your life that affect your skin. There’s no magic solution to aging and overall skin health, but this article will explore the common signs of aging and ways that CBD could help you look younger and feel your best.

What Does Aging Look Like?

A year ends, a new one begins, and we don’t necessarily feel or look differently. Aging is certainly a slow process, and it's difficult to pinpoint when precise signs of aging occur. That said, there are several common attributes related to aging skin that become more noticeable as time passes.

It’s important to remember that aging is a natural process. Most importantly, it’s crucial to support your overall health and wellness, ensuring that you look and feel great. 

Curious about the most common aging factors? Consider the following:

  • Less oil production – The sebaceous glands in your skin produce natural oils like sebum to protect and lubricate your skin. As you age, these glands may begin to slow production, releasing less natural oil and leading to drier skin and producing wrinkles. Additionally, sweat glands may also slow the production of sweat as you age.
  • Thinner skin – Due to the thinning of the outer layer of the skin — called the epidermis — your skin will become thinner and more translucent as you age. The fat below the epidermis, which provides natural insulation and protection to your skin, will also thin out, increasing your risk for skin injury.
  • Aging blood vessels – Aging leads to weakened blood vessels. These structures for carrying blood throughout your skin become fragile, leaving you more prone to bruising and related conditions.
  • Reduce elasticity – As you age, your skin might not snap back in place so easily. Elastosis is the process of the skin losing its elasticity, resulting in visible symptoms of age. Loose, wrinkled or weathered skin is likely a result of elastosis.
  • Inflammation – Inflammation builds up over time, damaging the skin cells. This causes your skin to age prematurely. Fine lines, wrinkles and loss of collagen are some of the results of inflammation. 

Rough patches, sagging and reduced firmness are often the most noticeable signs of aging. Lines tend to form around the mouth and eyes due to repetitive expressions (like smiling). The best way to track where and how your face is aging is through photographs. You might look the same when you look in the mirror, but a picture will help you see the changes.

What Causes Visible Aging?

Now that you know what to look for, it could be helpful to understand a bit about what causes aging. You can’t literally unwind your body’s internal clock, but you may be able to reduce some of the external stressors that lead to the effects of aging. While getting older is a given, the symptoms of aging are not. 

Typically, aging is caused by factors including:

  • Diet – Nutrition is at the top of the list when it comes to any health concern. The expression “You are what you eat” also holds true when it comes to aging. Eat a varied, nutritious diet, and opt for healthier options when you have the opportunity. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and complete proteins can help provide the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay fit and minimize external aging.
  • Personal stress – How you feel inside can greatly impact your external health, including aging. If you’re dealing with excessive stress or other mental health issues, it could have an aging effect on your body. 
  • Lifestyle choices – Alcohol and tobacco can lead to severe health problems. Not only that, but they can also age you prematurely. By limiting your alcohol intake and ceasing smoking entirely, you’ll likely see instant positive health effects, including the reduction of age-related skin issues.
  • Genetics – There are many theories about the science behind biological aging, but it's widely accepted that genetics plays a critical role in how your body ages. There’s nothing you can do about your genetic makeup. However, you can take a proactive approach by learning as much as you can about your family’s medical history and relating relevant details to your healthcare provider.
  • Environment – Air pollution and UV rays are two frequent contributors to aging. While you may be unable to change the air quality outside, you could consider investing in an air purifier for your home. When you do step outside, be sure your skin is protected by applying sunscreen, including a facial SPF.

Prevention is the best way to minimize visible aging and promote healthy skin. Once creases, lines and wrinkles form, removing them can be nearly impossible. Instead, you can work to minimize these symptoms through healthy habits, protective skincare routines and wellness-promoting CBD.

How Can CBD Affect Aging?

You might already be familiar with the various benefits of CBD. From promoting quality sleep to assisting with achy joints and muscles, CBD users everywhere are discovering the wellness-supporting qualities of this natural cannabinoid.

The benefits could also extend to age-related factors. Explore the following ways CBD could become your perfect ally in the fight against aging.

Stress Support

Stress is a common feeling for nearly everyone. From work to home life, the stressor can build up and take a toll on your overall well-being. There’s no way to avoid stress completely but finding healthy ways to manage your stress is essential. Otherwise, you may begin to see the aging effects of stress taking its toll on your body and skin.

Consider the following ways CBD could help you with stress:

  • Non-psychoactive – Worried about the effect of stress on your body but also worried about impairing abilities with medications or substances? CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not affect your cognitive ability or perception. 
  • Calming effects – Balance out your stress with CBD's calming effects. This is an all-natural way to promote mental clarity and assist with stress-related issues. CBD may even help promote a more positive mood, allowing you to face your stress-related challenges and overcome them. 

Sleep Support

CBD's sleep-supporting qualities aren’t just beneficial for those looking for a more restful night. Sleep gives your body a chance to recover and repair itself. By prioritizing and promoting sleep, you could lower your skin’s age-related wear and tear and end up looking and feeling younger.

CBD can promote:

  • Relaxation
  • Drowsiness
  • Decreased distraction

Falling asleep is often about relaxing both your mind and your body simultaneously, and taking CBD for sleep might help you do exactly that.

Skin Moisturizing

CBD topicals have been making a splash in the skincare world. There’s an entire world of CBD moisturizers to choose from, but the very best products will offer:

  • Hydrating qualities – Dry skin is a top concern when it comes to aging. With a CBD moisturizer, you can enjoy smooth, soft and hydrated skin, thanks to the soothing benefits of hemp.
  • Botanicals and vitamins – CBD doesn’t need to work alone. Combined with other natural ingredients, including botanical extracts and vitamins, your topical CBD moisturizer could work synergistically to promote anti-aging effects.
  • Natural antioxidants – Fight back against free radicals. Antioxidants may help reduce the damaging effects of free radicals, protecting your cells and potentially slowing down the effects of aging. Free radicals can come from environmental factors like pollution or smoke as well as consuming food with artificial ingredients.

CBD can also promote a more even and healthy skin color and texture. While wrinkles and sagging skin may be the most obvious signs of aging, maintaining an even skin tone can also minimize the appearance of aging.

Perhaps most importantly, topical CBD also protects your skin from the elements. You’ll want to add an SPF for maximum protection, but you can feel confident when you walk out your door that your skin is in good hands with CBD.

If CBD catches your eye, you may also be interested in the hemp oil benefits for skin. 

Zebra CBD: Look and Feel Your Best

Whether you’re interested in elevating your skincare routine with some CBD topicals or supplementing your diet with edible CBD, there’s always a simple and effective way to promote anti-aging with CBD. Get your CBD beauty boost today! First things first, you’ll need a trusted and reliable source for your CBD product options, and here at Zebra CBD, we’ve set the standard.

From CBD oil and CBD topical products to CBD gummies and tablets, all our products are reviewed by third-party labs and come with a Label Accuracy Guarantee™. Plus, we ship everything straight to your door. 


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