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Should CBD Be Part of Your General Wellness Routine?

Should CBD Be Part of Your General Wellness Routine?

Only 8% of people over the age of 35 get all the recommended preventive services that can help them live a longer, healthier life, according to a 2018 study by Maryland’s Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Study leader Amanda Borsky said that people are not taking advantage of wellness services because of “lack of health insurance; lack of a usual doctor or nurse; and problems with healthcare delivery, including wait times in clinics or doctors’ offices.”

According to Dr. Michael Munger, president of the American Academy of Family Physicians, “It really is crucial that patients take an active role in their overall health because the more that they do, the healthier they’ll be, and they’ll have a much more rewarding life.”

CBD remedies 'are old drugs but now they are a promising new therapeutic strategy for pain treatment.' — Frontiers in Pharmacology

Are you being proactive about your overall health and well-being? Being proactive (instead of reactive) with your health and vitality may determine whether you spend your golden years productive, healthy and happy or encumbered because of medical issues.

That said, there are signs that point to CBD as potentially contributing to your long-term wellness. CBD may:

  • Reduce the aches and discomfort you experience after exercise. You should get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise every day, according to the Mayo Clinic website. Muscle strength increase through stress, which causes a “burn.” It’s the sensation that gave birth to the expression,“no pain, no gain.” Plus, something called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) occurs between 24 and 48 hours after physical activity. Common solutions for easing DOMS include rest, taking inflammatory medication (ibuprofen, naproxen, high-dose aspirin) and/or applying heat or ice to the area in question.

    CBD, which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, may also help in recovery from muscle and joint discomfort. When CBD rub is applied topically, sore muscles are soothed instantly with a comforting hot-and-cold sensation in addition to the more lasting beneficial effects of natural hemp extract.
    According to a review article entitled Cannabinoids and Pain: New Insights from Old Molecules, published by Frontiers in Pharmacology, CBD remedies “are old drugs but now they are a promising new therapeutic strategy for pain treatment.”
  • Assist with sleep quality. Most people need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. Since the body repairs itself during sleep, lack of adequate sleep can hamper your physical (and mental) performance. A Consumer Reports survey found that of the 10% of Americans who had tried CBD to help them sleep, “the majority said it works for them.” The article quotes Joseph Maroon, M.D., a clinical professor and neurosurgeon at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, who says that he doesn’t see CBD as a treatment for insomnia but as an “alternative natural method to help calm anxious thoughts that often delay or interrupt natural sleep.”
  • Improve skin health. The free radical theory of aging (FRTA) states that organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time. Free radicals are toxic byproducts of oxygen metabolism that can cause significant damage to your cells and skin tissue. To combat free radicals, your body uses vitamins and minerals called antioxidants.
  • Reduce stress. Americans are the most stressed-out people in the world, according to a 2017 Gallup poll: 55% of respondents told Gallup they experienced a lot of stress compared with the global average of 35%. According to the American Psychological Association, 75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month (and nearly half reported that their stress had increased in the past year).

    Studies have that shown CBD increases serotonin — the “feel good chemical” — in rats, but there is not enough scientific evidence to definitively state that CBD reduces stress in humans. And while there have been anecdotal stories about how CBD has helped people feel more relaxed, the only way you’ll know for sure if it will have this effect on you is to try it.
  • Maintain joint health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that about 15 million people in the United States suffer from severe joint discomfort. In an article posted on the Chiropractic Economics website, Chris D. Meletis, ND, writes “Given the results of the existing studies, it is somewhat surprising larger-scale human studies investigating CBD and joint health have not been more actively pursued. The promising results achieved with CBD in clinical practice indicate it is safe and effective.”

Taking CBD tablets or a natural CBD oil daily might help you keep your mood calm and provide you with restful sleep. Plus, ingesting CBD and applying rubs or balms to the areas in question can ease muscle pain, provide you with joint support and improve the health of your skin.

Zebra CBD formulations for sleep, mood and joints all contain additional natural ingredients that work in concert with our premium CBD to provide maximum relief.

Putting a preventive care strategy in place is an excellent idea, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Adding CBD to your preventive care strategy may help you achieve optimal health right through to your golden years.

John Wood frequently writes for coaching services and health-based organizations. He is a big believer in the power of CBD, and has written extensively on the subject. 

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