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CBD Edibles: What Are They and Do They Really Work?

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By Shawn Rolph

From CBD haircare products to CBD topicals, CBD seems to be the new star among a variety of day-to-day products. You may even find CBD products in the food aisles of your grocery store. 

CBD edibles have become more popular than ever. And although you may be seeing them more often, you may not have a comprehensive understanding of what a CBD edible actually is, its benefits and whether it actually works.

... because the FDA doesn’t regulate cannabis-derived products, it’s up to you to find healthy and beneficial CBD edibles.

If you’re looking for CBD edibles or CBD oil for sale to add to your wellness routine, use this guide to find answers to commonly asked questions and learn which CBD edible is best for your preferences and lifestyle. This guide will cover the following:

  • How do CBD edibles work?
  • Benefits of CBD edibles
  • Forms of CBD edibles
  • CBD edibles dosage
  • CBD edibles label cheat sheet

Ready to learn how CBD can benefit your day-to-day life in edible form? Let’s dive in.

How Do CBD Edibles Work?

Boiled down, CBD edibles work by supporting one of the body’s most important systems: the endocannabinoid system. 

The Endocannabinoid System

From digestive to respiratory, your body has myriad systems that help keep you healthy and thriving. One of these vital systems is the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The RCS is responsible for monitoring the following aspects of your health:

  • sleep health
  • appetite
  • mood
  • energy levels
  • discomfort relief
  • managing stress

The ECS is essentially an emergency alert system for your general wellness. Endocannabinoids — molecules your body naturally produces to work within the ECS — bind to endocannabinoid receptors to let the ECS know when relief is needed throughout the body. However, there’s still a lot that scientists are discovering about the ECS. Ongoing research will reveal more details about how exactly the ECS supports our overall wellness.

But how do CBD edibles fit into this system?

What Are CBD Edibles and How Do They Interact With the ECS?

Cannabidiol — more commonly known as CBD — is a chemical compound derived from hemp or marijuana plants. CBD edibles are an ingestible form of this compound. CBD can be infused into a mint, gummy, a beverage like CBD tea or other consumable products.

When ingested, CBD is broken down before it enters the bloodstream. This is the same way you absorb key vitamins through nutritional supplements and food. But once it enters your body, CBD begins to work to directly support your ECS. 

Researchers theorize that CBD plays a role in extending the longevity of endocannabinoids; after all, endocannabinoids and cannabinoids are molecularly similar. Think of CBD edibles kind of like bite-sized endocannabinoid mechanics. By ingesting a CBD gummy, mint or oil infusion, you’re sending expert endocannabinoid workers right to your ECS to help things run smoothly. That way, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully functioning ECS.

Just like a daily vitamin, it takes about 90 minutes for CBD to be fully assimilated by your body and for you to reap the compound’s ECS-supporting benefits. 

Marijuana vs. Hemp-sourced CBD Edibles

You may be wondering how marijuana and marijuana-sourced CBD fit into this equation. The difference comes down to three letters: THC.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a psychoactive chemical compound that binds to endocannabinoid receptors. The results are sensations most commonly associated with being “high,” and which may include:

  • euphoria
  • increased appetite
  • paranoia
  • sleepiness
  • memory changes

Marijuana plants and hemp plants, both in the cannabis genus, contain THC and CBD. But by definition, marijuana plants have more than 0.3% THC content (by dry weight). That means that a marijuana-sourced CBD edible will have more THC content than a hemp-derived CBD edible. Hemp-sourced CBD edibles are legal across the US while marijuana-sourced CBD edibles are far more regulated.

Benefits of CBD Edibles

When it comes to mind-body wellness, CBD edibles can support health from head to toe. Whether you prefer the sweet taste of a CBD gummy, a CBD beverage or the refreshing effects of a CBD mint, CBD edibles can be seamlessly integrated into your day-to-day wellness routine for benefits such as the following:

  • increased concentration – Whether you’re playing an intense game of chess or tackling an endless to-do list, a dose of CBD might help sharpen your focus and boost your concentration. 
  • elevated mood – A CBD mint can help start your day on an uplifted note. You may enjoy the mint’s breath-freshening effects and mood-supporting formula.
  • soothing day-to-day stress – Did you know that your body best absorbs CBD with fat? This makes it a perfect accompaniment for a morning cup of coffee and cream. Stir it into your mug to help soothe away the daily stresses of life and stay focused on what matters most in your day.
  • improved energy – If you have a long day ahead, you may crave a little extra energy to help you tackle your obstacles and still enjoy every moment. Including a shot of CBD for energy may directly support the energy-boosting aspects of your ECS.
  • support restful sleep – Enhance your bedtime rituals by stirring in a CBD oil to your evening hot chocolate. You may find that your mind is more at ease as you close your eyes and drift off.

Forms of CBD Edibles

As the CBD market diversifies and expands, CBD edibles will follow suit. While forms of CBD edibles will continue to evolve and change, the most common forms of this product include:

But keep your eye on the food aisles of your grocery store; chances are you’ll see more iterations of this beneficial compound with each passing season. 

CBD Edible Dosage

If you’re new to CBD, you may want to try starting with a smaller CBD dosage and work your way up. For example, a package of CBD gummies may contain a total of 500 mg of CBD; however the recommended serving size might be 20-25 milligrams. Some wellness experts advise cutting a gummy or mint in half, then waiting at least 2 hours before taking more.

Remember, it takes your body about 90 minutes to break down CBD edibles and absorb the compounds into the bloodstream. So take your time, be mindful of your body, and you’ll learn about what CBD product and dosage works best for you.

CBD Edible Label Cheat Sheet

CBD edibles are certainly becoming more popular, and the consumer demand is growing every day. But because the FDA doesn’t regulate cannabis-derived products, it’s up to you to find healthy and beneficial CBD edibles. That sounds like a lot of work and research, but don’t worry: This cheat sheet can guide you to the highest quality edibles on the CBD market. It’s all about reading the label — and knowing what it means. Below we tell you what to look for to identify the best CBD edibles.


You may see the word “organic” everywhere, from the produce section to your favorite skincare collection. But what does it actually mean? Organic simply means the product has not been treated with things like synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or hormones. Why is that better for CBD edibles? It’s an added layer of protection for you from the harmful effects of these elements, so you can enjoy a purer, higher-caliber product.

Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

Depending on where you’re browsing for CBD edibles, you may see two different terms: full-spectrum and isolate. Here’s how full spectrum and isolate edibles differ: 

full spectrum – This means that all of the plant’s cannabinoids remain intact in the final product. Simply put, it means more CBD benefits for you.

isolate – When a laboratory extracts the CBD from a source plant and turns it into a powder, the resulting CBD is called an isolate. However, this extraction method isolates only one variety of the plant’s natural cannabinoids, depriving the final formula of the full benefits of the plant. 

Third-Party Laboratory Testing

Because the FDA doesn’t conduct its own testing on CBD edibles, you should always check  CBD edible labels for third-party laboratory testing. Third-party laboratory testing means that the CBD company has sent the CBD product to a lab to verify ingredient amounts and CBD content purity. It also signals a commitment to transparency and quality ingredients. 

Label Accuracy Guarantee™

While third-party laboratory testing is a good way to ensure quality and ingredient accuracy, what happens when that third-party laboratory makes a mistake? Your CBD edible may not be as pure as advertised. That’s why you should always look for a Label Accuracy Guarantee™. After a third-party laboratory checks the ingredients of a CBD edible, those results are checked by an additional third-party laboratory for guaranteed label accuracy.

But we can make your search even simpler. There’s only one place you can find the best in CBD edibles...  

Zebra CBD: Your Best Resource For Premium CBD Edibles

The old adage is true: Your body is a temple. It’s your vehicle for movement, for expression, for health. What you put into your body helps power it to handle all the ups and downs in your life. So if you’re considering adding CBD edibles to your wellness journey, your body deserves the best so it can give you the best. 

For that, there’s Zebra CBD.

Made with premium, organic hemp, Zebra CBD oil and edibles are the perfect addition to your morning coffee, your mid-afternoon energy lulls or your bedtime routine. Each of our CBD products is formulated with care and a commitment to mind-body wellness, which is why everything from our edibles to our oils comes with a Label Accuracy Guarantee™.

Whatever your health and wellness goals, Zebra CBD is here to support you on your path to a more nourished and restored state of being. 


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