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5 Hemp Oil Benefits For Skin You Need to Know

 5 Hemp Oil Benefits For Skin You Need to Know

Great skin health is about taking care of your body inside and out. A healthy diet, regular exercise and plenty of water are the basics for healthy, radiant skin, but there are additional ways to give your skin a boost. 

Today, hemp oil is a top contender for an all-natural skin supplement that delivers glowing results. 

CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties could provide some relief for your skin.

Can you put CBD oil on your face? Wondering about hemp oil for skin? From its anti-inflammatory properties to its ability to reduce blemishes, we’re covering hemp oil’s top five potential benefits for skin wellness.

#1 It May Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties

If your skin feels puffy, irritated or stretched, it may be the result of inflammation. Inflammation is an immune response. This standard bodily reaction is supposed to protect you from harm, but it may end up leaving your face looking a little worse for the wear.

Typically, inflammation is caused by factors such as:

  • Allergies – For allergy sufferers, inflammation is a regular occurrence. You could be enjoying a peaceful dinner until the wrong bite causes your skin to swell, develop hives or break out in a rash. Food and environmental allergens can lead to inflammation, and the face is a common (and unfortunate) area for reactions.
  • Contamination – Small microbes can cause big problems for your skin. If you have minor inflammation inside or outside your skin, it could send your immune system into overdrive to fight it. Most likely your skin may become red or develop a rash.
  • Heat – Spending too much time in the sun can lead to unanticipated consequences. You’re likely familiar with the issue of sunburns, but there’s also heat rash to consider. If your pores become clogged with sweat, the rash will turn red, itchy and inflamed. It’s a serious discomfort without some relief.

Inflammation may be a common symptom of many mild skin conditions, but that doesn’t mean you should have to put up with it. CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties could provide some relief for your skin. It can also leave you feeling confident in your skin and ready to take on the day.

Hemp oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega 3 fatty acid and omega 6 fatty acid. Another essential fatty acid found in hemp oil is gamma linolenic acid (GLA). This essential fatty acid has been linked to strong anti-inflammatory properties. 

#2 It’s Moisturizing

What’s the cardinal rule of all skincare? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. There’s no understating the role that moisture plays for your skin, and adding a daily moisturizer to your routine is a surefire way to strengthen your overall skin health. Hemp oil is sometimes used as a carrier oil in CBD skin care product selections because of its natural attributes and properties to moisturize dry skin.

Why is moisturizing so essential? It can impact the following:

  • Skin texture – Nothing quite compares to soft, supple skin and a smooth complexion. Silky skin looks visibly healthier for skin that glows.  Plus, it feels great to the touch.
  • Skin hydration – Your skin requires hydrating revitalization daily. When you encounter elements like the sun or wind, your skin can become dry and flaky. Fortunately, a moisturizer like hemp oil can help replenish and nourish your skin after a long day.
  • Skin health – Dry skin is more susceptible to itching, rashes, inflammation and cracking, which may invite unwelcome microbes. To prevent uncomfortable flaking, add a daily moisturizer like hemp oil to your routine to nourish your skin.

Saturate your skin with hemp oil to discover the moisturizing benefits. You can use hemp seed oil as a body oil or moisturizer. If you already have a moisturizer, you can experiment with using hemp oil before or after application. Double moisturizing is a growing trend in skincare and could provide you with the clear, glassy skin you’ve been dreaming about.

#3 It’s Oil Balancing

Your body creates a natural oil, known as sebum, to protect and lubricate your skin.

Sebum consists of:

  • Fatty acids
  • Waxes
  • Sugars

Sebum is produced by sebaceous glands, which are found in high concentrations on your facial skin. If you’ve ever walked into the bathroom to see a dewy glow on your forehead, you’re most likely encountering sebum. 

That said, you can experience excess oil production or underproduction of sebum, which can affect your skin health differently:

  • Overproduction – Both internal and external factors can cause your sebaceous glands to kick into overdrive. The result may be an excess of sebum, an uncomfortable, greasy feeling and oily skin. The overproduction of sebum can also clog pores and cause various types of blemishes.
  • Underproduction – On the opposite side of the spectrum, hormones, diet and medication may limit the production of sebum your body produces, leading to dry, itchy or flaky skin. Unnatural moisturizers with harsh chemicals can also interfere with sebum production, which is why it’s important to use natural moisturizing products like hemp oil. 

Applying hemp oil as a skincare product to your face each day may help regulate your sebum production to help reduce dry skin and clogged pores that can lead to oily skin and facial blemishes. In fact, it may work synergistically with your natural sebum to support healthy, happy skin.

#4 It May Reduce Blemishes

Few things are more frustrating than waking up with a fresh blackhead, whitehead or under-the-skin pimple. Not only can blemishes affect your confidence, but they can also be uncomfortable and irritating, making it difficult to ignore as you go about your day. 

Fortunately, hemp oil may be able to help minimize breakouts when applied regularly since it can help combat many causes of facial blemishes, such as:

  • Too much oil – When follicles produce too much oil, your pores can become clogged and produce blemishes. Every pore on your face has a sebum-producing follicle, but if all that oil has nowhere to go, it can become trapped, resulting in an uncomfortable facial pustule.
  • Dead skin – Our skin is constantly regenerating, and as skin creates new cells, old cells die off and leave behind thin layers of dead skin. If dead skin isn’t removed, it could end up clogging a pore and creating a pimple. Fortunately, with a hemp oil wash, you can remove old skin and lower the chance that those particles will end up in your pores.
  • Microbial build-ups – No one likes to think about microbes on their skin, but the truth is that microbes can build up everywhere. Fortunately, the moisturizing and hygienic properties of hemp oil can remove harmful microbes from your skin, leaving you protected against the threat of facial blemishes.

Blemishes aren’t just a problem for teenagers. In fact, many adults experience breakouts. Additionally, just because you’re not dealing with this pesky skin problem right now, doesn’t mean you won’t get it in the future. Breakouts can develop at any time, but with a solid regimen of hydrating hemp oil, you may be able to diffuse pesky pimples once and for all. 

#5 It May Have Anti-Aging Potential

Hemp oil isn’t a fountain of youth, but it can nourish your skin with fatty acids and vitamins to support supple, glowing skin. To properly care for your skin health, apply a few drops to your face and neck and pay special attention to smoothing it around your eyes. Hemp oil is associated with several anti-aging benefits, including:

  • Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles – Lines can form as skin loses its elasticity and oil production decreases. With regular hemp oil moisturizing and lubrication, you may be able to keep your skin looking smooth and supple.
  • Restoring dull skin – If your skin is losing its luster, it may be a natural sign of aging. Of course, with hemp oil, you don’t have to take dull skin sitting down. Consider adding this powerful moisturizer to restore your skin to its youthful glow and bring that healthy sheen back into your daily routine.
  • Blotches and age spots – Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones develop as skin ages. While hemp oil isn’t likely to permanently repair skin that has already become damaged or discolored, it may help mitigate the development of age spots.

In addition to hemp oil, you can also adopt the following practices to mitigate signs of aging:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Limit sun exposure and use using sunscreen
  • Minimize repetitive expressions
  • Lower your alcohol intake

Now that you a few of the best practices for using hemp oil on your skin, what about CBD? For instance, does CBD make you look younger? 

Understanding Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

There’s plenty of confusion around hemp oil and CBD oil, and before you add either to your skincare routine, it’s important to understand their key differences. 

Notably, both CBD oil and hemp oil come from the same plant, but their uses, methods of consumption and production are entirely different. That said, there are three key differences between hemp oil and CBD oil:

  • Production methods – Hemp oil is also known as hemp seed oil. That’s because this substance is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant through a cold press process. Conversely, CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant itself through a process involving CO2. The extracted CBD is then combined with a fruit, nut or vegetable oil.
  • Uses – In addition to supporting skincare, hemp oil may also contribute to overall wellness, such as helping maintain healthy blood pressure. On the other hand, CBD oil is commonly used to support sleep, joint health and stress management. Can you put CBD oil on your face? In short, yes.
  • Method of consumption – While hemp oil is commonly used topically, you can also consider adding it to your kitchen to be used in various dishes. That said, CBD oil is primarily consumed orally. However, several CBD topical products utilize extracted CBD oil as well.

Zebra CBD: Discover The Benefits of The Hemp Plant

Hemp oil may provide numerous skin-supporting benefits to keep your skin moisturized and blemish-free. However, hemp oil isn’t the only hemp-based substance that may support your wellness.

At Zebra CBD, we take CBD seriously, and we’re happy to guide you through the world of hemp. 

Our products are crafted from premium hemp extract and certified for purity and accuracy by third-party labs. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the very best CBD topicals, CBD gummies, CBD tablets and CBD oils, so you can experience the benefits of CBD for yourself. 

Hone the powers of hemp and get a CBD beauty boost with Zebra CBD.


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