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How Do the Ingredients in Zebra CBD Peppermint Mints Support Wellness?

 zebra cbd peppermint mints in hemp garden

A mint that provides fresh breath and supports wellness? Yes, please! Our unique blend of ingredients includes premium CBD oil, peppermint essential oil, and stevia.

Zebra CBD Peppermint Mints are specifically designed to not only give you fresh breath, but can also enhance your overall well-being. 

How is this possible? Our CBD Peppermint Mints use a premium-quality hemp extract so you get all the wonderful health benefits of CBD — which can include sleep support, stress reduction and relief from general exercise-induced aches and discomfort — all while enjoying fresh breath.

Premium CBD Oil 

Hemp extract is an oil derived from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. This extract contains an array of beneficial cannabinoids. Hemp extract is then carefully filtered to help remove unwanted materials (waxes and fatty acids) to create our premium CBD oil.  

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that attach to specific receptors in the central nervous system and act as chemical messengers. CBD, the most widely known and studied cannabinoid, has been used for many years to help with a broad range of ailments, and is once again gaining popularity for its possible wellness-enhancing properties.

CBD has been shown to help reduce the body’s reaction to stress and tension, and to also potentially help you get a better night’s sleep. One study looked at the effects of oral CBD on stress and found that patients taking daily oral CBD over an 8-week period demonstrated an overall decrease in stress-related symptoms and severity.

Another study found that sleep scores improved within the first month for the majority of the 72 study participants. Moreover, the researchers found that stress scores decreased within the first month for 79.2% of participants, and remained lower for the duration of the study.

For people suffering with aches and discomfort from active living, CBD may also provide some relief. Scientists provided an overview of the overall effects of CBD on exercised induced inflammation. They found that CBD promotes relief from aches and discomfort by activating cannabinoid type 2 receptors (CB2) which, in turn, decrease cytokine production and immune cell mobilization. 

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint doesn’t just provide a fresh feeling in your mouth; this herb also happens to be chock full of health-enhancing benefits.

One study looked at how peppermint odor affects athletic performance. Researchers found that of the 40 athletes who undertook a series of physical tasks under conditions of no-odor versus peppermint odor, the peppermint odor condition resulted in increases in running speed, hand grip strength and number of push-ups.

Another study that sought to explore the impact of aromas on cognition and mood in participants found that peppermint enhanced memory, processing speed and alertness. 

Feeling sleepy? A study that looked at peppermint oil and its effect on cognitive testing found that people experienced less fatigue when given peppermint oil capsules.


Stevia is a calorie-free natural sweetener derived from the stevia plant. Using stevia as a sweetener has the potential for significant health benefits. Stevia can potentially support weight loss because it contains many fewer calories than sugar. 

With all the health benefits that Zebra CBD Mints provide in addition to fresh breath, why would you use any other breath mint?

Emily Hirsch, MS, RD, strives to bring lackluster research on health and nutrition topic to life. She loves writing about GI health and women’s issues.

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Emily Hirsch, MS, RDN

Emily has more than 12 years' experience in the field of nutrition. In her writing, she strives to bring lackluster research on health and nutrition topic to life. She loves writing about GI health and women’s issues. Find her at

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