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Creating a Self Care Routine That Works for You

 Self Care Routine

What does self care mean to you? For some, self care embodies alone time — space to decompress, take care of the mind and body and recharge. For others, it’s about prioritizing a favorite hobby or spending a night sipping cocktails and dancing with friends.

When creating self care routines, it’s important to prioritize self.

This means listening to your own needs and desires without guilt or judgment. It's about recognizing that self care isn't selfish; it's essential, and building a daily self care routine involves identifying what activities nourish your body, mind and soul.

Self Care For the Solitary Soul

For those who seek solitude in their self care practices, it can be important to ask yourself the following questions when building a daily self care routine that works for you:

  • What environments or settings help me feel most centered and connected with myself?
  • What self care habits and activities bring me a sense of calm and peace when I'm alone?
  • What boundaries do I need to set to protect my alone time and ensure I can fully engage in self care?
  • How do I distinguish between healthy solitude and isolating behavior, and what signs should I watch for?

Solitary self care can involve closing the blinds, ordering in your favorite food and watching the newest binge-worthy Netflix series. Or, for those with a passion for wellness, cook a healthy meal, complete your skincare routine and indulge in a soothing bath with aromatic essential oils and a CBD gummy. It might also mean losing yourself in a captivating book, journaling your thoughts or simply sitting in quiet contemplation.

Self Care For the Knowledge Seeker

For those who seek knowledge, discovery and learning in their self care practices, consider asking yourself the following to ensure your self care practice aligns with your needs:

  • What subjects or topics am I most passionate about exploring and learning?
  • What are my learning goals or aspirations, and how can I incorporate them into my self care routine?
  • What resources or learning opportunities are available to me, and how can I make the most of them?
  • Do I have a support system or community of like-minded individuals who share my interests and can inspire me?
  • How do I balance the pursuit of knowledge with relaxation and downtime to avoid burnout?

Carve out time to pursue what stimulates you intellectually. Perhaps this involves a three-hour Wikipedia deep dive into your newest obsession or enrolling in an online course to explore a subject that intrigues you, whether it’s science, history or a new language. You can also make time to drive into articles, books and essays; listen to a wide range of podcasts; or get hands on with:

  • Writing
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Coding
  • Climbing
  • Ceramics

Self Care For the Social Butterfly

For those social butterflies who seek connection and enjoyment as a form of self care, you can explore:

  • What types of social activities or outings bring me the most joy and fulfillment?
  • How do I prioritize quality time with friends and loved ones while still ensuring I take care of my own needs?
  • Am I nurturing a diverse network of social connections that provide different forms of support and enjoyment?
  • What self care habits or activities can I engage in to recharge and replenish my social energy after busy periods of socializing?

It can be helpful to practice mindful socializing. This can involve making an effort to be present with friends and fully engaged in conversations to nourish your mind and soul. Prioritize the relationships and activities that truly fill you up, whether that’s a night in for girl dinner with a loved one or a night out bar hopping with friends.

Self Care For the Nature Lover

For those who find refuge in the outdoors, it can be beneficial to ask yourself:

  • What outdoor activities bring me a sense of peace, joy and connection with nature?
  • How can I prioritize spending time outdoors in my daily or weekly schedule?
  • How do I practice mindfulness and gratitude while immersing myself in nature?
  • Do I prefer solo excursions in nature, or do I find greater enjoyment in sharing the experience with others?

To prioritize self care and safety, make plans for your outdoor excursion ahead of time. Bring along activities that you can enjoy while out and about, such as a picnic, your favorite book or a hammock to string between two trees and enjoy the views. To practice mindfulness, consider taking moments to pause and take in the sights, sounds and smells around you. You could also try certain breathing exercises to help yourself be more present with the nature that surrounds you.

Self Care For The Fitness Buff

For fitness enthusiasts who seek physical activity as a form of self care, questions to ask include:

  • What types of physical activities or exercises do I enjoy the most, and how can I incorporate them into my self care routines?
  • Do I prefer solo workouts, group classes or outdoor activities?
  • How do I balance pushing myself to achieve fitness goals with listening to my body's needs for rest and recovery?
  • What role does nutrition play in supporting my fitness goals and overall well-being, and how can I prioritize healthy eating habits as part of my self care?

If physical activity is part of your regular routine, consider mixing it up by taking yourself outside, whether it's going for a hike, a bike ride or simply taking a jog through a scenic route. As a fitness buff, it can also be important to prioritize self care that helps you rest and recover, such as:

  • Foam rolling
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Prioritizing quality sleep
  • Cross-training
  • Getting a massage
  • Reflecting on your fitness goals
  • Seeking professional guidance

For more personalized tips on enhancing your fitness journey, check out our article on health and wellness tips. Additionally, if you're interested in starting your day right, our healthy morning routine guide offers valuable insights on building a morning routine that energizes and aligns with your fitness goals.

Support Your Self Care With Zebra CBD

Whether you’re keen on alone time or spending time in the natural world, all self care routines can be elevated with the relaxing benefits of CBD oil to promote mindfulness and revitalization no matter your interests.

At Zebra CBD, our CBD products are crafted with premium hemp extract to deliver a dose of self care for every preference — from CBD gummies and CBD chewable tablets to CBD topicals and CBD hemp oil for sale.

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