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Does CBD Oil Make You Tired?

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You might be wondering, “does CBD make you tired?” We'll cut right to the chase: No, CBD oil does not make you feel tired.

You might be considering consuming CBD oil during the day to help you focus on a big project, support a balanced mood before going into a tough week at work, or just soothe daily stress. In any of these situations, or situations like it, fatigue is the last thing you want to feel.

Unlike other medications or THC, CBD does not produce a sedative effect.

So rest assured, you can absolutely reap several CBD oil benefits without struggling with tiredness. However, you may have also heard that CBD can support healthy sleep habits and help you drift off faster.

If CBD doesn't make you tired, then how can that be?

Scientists continue to study the effects of CBD on the ECS and precisely why it doesn't cause sleepiness or tiredness.

In this guide, we'll discuss how CBD works in your body, its effects and how to find the right CBD solution for you.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a molecule that helps our bodies facilitate interactions with the endocannabinoid system or the ECS. The ECS is a complicated system that sends signals to the cells of the body. While scientists and researchers still have a lot to learn about the ECS, there are a few things we do know.

The ECS plays a key role in managing and supporting various functions and processes of the body, including:

  • mood.
  • memory.
  • sleep functions.
  • energy.
  • appetite (read more about CBD for appetite stimulation).
  • reproductive processes.
  • stress management.

Your body uses the ECS to regulate and support these vital functions. But for the ECS itself to function, it relies on three key components:

  • Endocannabinoid receptors – Endocannabinoid receptors help send signals to the ECS and can be found throughout the body.
  • Enzymes – Enzymes are responsible for breaking down the endocannabinoids after they've completed their work.

You may be wondering how all of these elements work together in your body. Think of the endocannabinoids as your body's emergency alert personnel, cannabinoid receptors as a direct line to the ECS and the ECS as an emergency dispatch center.

When something's amiss, endocannabinoids pick up the phone or —  molecularly speaking — bind to the cannabinoid receptors to send a helpful signal to the ECS. This can tell the body what's wrong and even help restore bodily systems to proper functioning when needed. And when the endocannabinoids have fulfilled their function, enzymes are the cleaning crew that helps make room for fresh endocannabinoid recruits.

Take this example: If the body is experiencing pain, endocannabinoids can target the CB1 receptors in a spinal nerve to alleviate that discomfort through the ECS.

But how do CBD oil products come into play?

What Does CBD Do?

So, what does CBD oil do exactly? Scientists continue to study the effects of CBD on the ECS and precisely why it doesn't cause sleepiness or tiredness. But they do know one important detail: CBD interacts with the ECS completely differently than THC.

THC and the ECS

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a molecular compound found in marijuana plants. THC binds with the endocannabinoid receptors — much like endocannabinoids — to "hack" the ECS and create sensations of euphoria, sleepiness, increased appetite, changes in memory and other sensations.

In short, when THC binds with endocannabinoid receptors, it creates feelings associated with being "high."

If you were curious whether THC can make you feel tired or sleepy, the answer is yes. Thanks to the way THC binds to endocannabinoid receptors, sleepiness and tiredness may be a side effect of marijuana use.

CBD and the ECS

So, does CBD oil get you high like THC? CBD, on the other hand, does not bind with endocannabinoid receptors and does not cause those "high" feelings associated with THC.

Scientists theorize that CBD prevents your body's natural cannabinoids from breaking down. Theoretically, your cannabinoids might be more effective at regulating the body's systems and addressing issues. Without breaking down, endocannabinoids can last longer and may be more effective in helping manage your body's key functions, including improving energy and supporting restful sleep.

What Are Some of the Effects of CBD?

Now that you understand a little bit more about how CBD interacts with the ECS, you know that CBD may help support multiple functions of the body, including sleep. Some ways CBD can support your overall health include:

  • Elevating your mood. You might be down on gray days, or have blue moods sneak up on you throughout the week. And sometimes those low feelings can be hard to shake. Taking CBD for mood enhancement might help give you a more positive outlook on the day.
  • Managing your day-to-day stress. The expectations of work, home responsibilities and family may weigh heavily on your mind. It may be difficult to take a step back from a towering to-do list, or talk yourself down from a hectic day. And as a result, you may be dealing with an increased sense of stress. A CBD tablet may help you calm your mind and gain perspective.
  • Soothing your achy muscles. An extensive exercise routine can certainly support physical health. But after an intense workout, sore muscles can take you out for the rest of the week. A calming CBD balm can be applied directly to your achy areas, promoting relief before your next workout.
  • Encouraging restful sleep practices. Sometimes, it can seem impossible to fall asleep. Maybe you can't stop replaying an embarrassing moment over and over in your head. Or maybe a radio jingle is running incessantly through your worried thoughts and keeping you awake. Either way, your sleep cycle is off and it's a never-ending battle to improve your sleep quality. Well, adding CBD oil to your bedtime routine can help calm hectic thoughts, relax your mind and lay the foundation for a restful night's sleep.
  • Improving your energy. If you've ever felt envy for the Energizer Bunny, you're not alone. Sometimes, energy and time are your scarcest resources. You want to live your hours to the fullest and not drag your tired feet through every minute of the day. By supplementing your morning breakfast with a CBD tablet, you can seize your days with energy and vigor.
  • Enhancing focus and concentration. Your mind is your sharpest weapon. But hours of staring at spreadsheet after spreadsheet can dull that tool. Or you may find your morning brain isn't quite up to handling your high-pressure job or your chaotic home life. A CBD mint can help refresh your mind and keep you focused throughout the day.

Can CBD Make Me Drowsy During the Day?

CBD is known to offer some relief for many sleep-related issues that may prevent restful nights, such as sleep apnea or irregular sleep patterns. However, CBD should not cause grogginess during the day. Unlike other medications or THC, CBD does not produce a sedative effect. That may seem contradictory to claims that CBD promotes healthy, restful sleep, but it doesn’t cause sedation; what it does is stimulate the endocannabinoid system in a way that promotes a healthier sleep cycle. By experiencing more productive l sleep patterns, you will be less drowsy during the day when you take CBD.

How to Find the Right CBD Product For You

Now that you know the answer to the question "why CBD doesn't cause tiredness or sleepiness,” you might be considering adding it to your health and wellness routine. Just as there are many benefits to CBD, there are multiple ways of incorporating CBD products into your regimen. From CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD, and full spectrum CBD products to CBD topicals, gummies, and oils, your options are endless.

For relief from stress, body aches and better sleep, you can enjoy CBD:

  • in a natural CBD oil you absorb sublingually (under the tongue)
  • as a tablet you can take as a daily supplement
  • in mint form for fresh breath as well as CBD effects
  • through a soothing body rub or balm
  • in CBD gummy form

With so many options, there's no wrong way to take CBD. Choosing the best CBD product for you depends on your preferences and wellness goals. But no matter how you choose to incorporate it into your life, be sure to use the highest quality CBD available.

As you browse online stores and CBD brands, a few distinguishing characteristics will set the highest quality products apart. Look for these CBD product features before you purchase:

  • Third-Party Testing – The Food and Drug Administration does not monitor or regulate CBD products. That means it's up to the CBD companies to conduct quality and ingredient testing. But some companies just don't. So what you see listed on the label may not be what you get in the product. However, the most reputable and reliable companies will hire third-party laboratories to test their products and verify the accuracy of their product labels. Sometimes you'll see "third-party tested" or "certificate of analysis" mentioned in a product description. That means a third-party laboratory has verified that the ingredients on the label match the contents of the product.
  • Label Accuracy Guarantee™ – While third-party testing is a sound step for CBD quality assurance, most companies won't double-check the lab's results. And when a product label hasn't been thoroughly verified, you can't always trust you're getting the highest quality product.

That's why you should always choose products with a Label Accuracy Guarantee™. This extra protection means that the product has undergone third-party testing from a laboratory, and then a completely different third-party lab has double-checked the first lab's results. This ensures an extra layer of trust and reliability in the ingredients and the product's efficacy.

Zebra CBD's Label Accuracy Guarantee™ is the most thorough label and ingredient check you'll find in the CBD industry.

Zebra CBD For Health

There are many CBD oil uses and benefits when it comes to health. Whether you're looking to boost your mood, relieve joint and muscle aches or improve your sleep quality, Zebra CBD's plant-based CBD extract can support your wellness goals. Rest assured, CBD oil does not make you tired. It simply helps keep your health and vitality on an even keel.

Made with natural ingredients, our CBD products are the most effective formulas on the market and they're always quality-checked through our Label Accuracy Guarantee™.

Lead the way to a happier, healthier you with Zebra CBD.


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